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The Strasburg Files - Stephen Strasburg '09 Live Reports by Federal's West Coast Correspondent sdsuaztec4

Here's how sdsuaztec4 introduced himself to the Federal readers after I had sent out one simple email to the SBN bloggers asking if anyone knew someone who could provide scouting reports on the projected No. 1 overall pick Stephen Strasburg:

"Whats up DC! First of all I am a Padres fan and if you guys think you are getting Stephen Strasburg in June you better watch out for big bad Scott Boras. Buuuuut, since you think you are going to draft him I'll be nice and scout him for you. I wasn't able to bring my camera tonight so no video or pictures today but I don't put out on the first date anyway. You perverts! Anyway, I'm not a real scout so I'll just give you what I've got. On to the scouting! Woooo Aztecs win! Please excuse any formatting errors as this editor is a giant pile of S..."

sdsuaztec4's complaints about the FanPost editor were alleviated when I immediately bumped him up to writer status at Federal so that he could have all our toys at his disposal throughout the season, and he made the most of them as he provided what I think were the most consistently interesting accounts of Strasburg's home starts in San Diego to be found anywhere on the internets:

2/26 The Strasburg Files Episode 1- Aztecs Win! - Federal Baseball
San Diego State starter Stephen Strasburg is projected as the #1 prospect in baseball heading into June's MLB Draft. The Washingtion Nationals have the 1st pick...So let's scout Strasburg...

The Strasburg Files Episode 2- Into the lion's den. - Federal Baseball
Stephen Strasburg's projected to go #1 overall in next year's draft, and the Washington Nationals need an ace...Can DC sign a #1 pick?

The Strasburg Files Episode 3- Conference Play - Federal Baseball
Game by game reports of Olympian, All-American, and consensus #1 draft pick pitcher Steven Strasburg of San Diego State. 

The Strasburg Files Episode 4- The dreaded BS, ND - Federal Baseball
A start-by-start look at the projected #1 overall draft pick, Stephen Strasburg of the San Diego State Aztecs.

The Strasburg Files Episode 5- Petco Park! - Federal Baseball
The ongoing look at projected #1 overall pick Stephen Strasburg's 2009 season for the San Diego State Aztecs. 

(ed. note - "Finally, here's the video that sdsuaztec4 shot at that Petco Park start...thanks,sdsuaztec4, hopefully you'll see these and stop by to offer some final thoughts! Much obliged, sir!")