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Top o' the Mornin' Nationals News

Okay, okay so it's not really the top of the morning anymore, but at least it's before 9:30. Here's what we've got:

Rob Dibble has had more than enough of the Nationals. After last night's game, he appeared on the postgame show, having a great exchange with Ray Knight. Both of them basically bashed the team for not trying hard enough, and not caring to try hard enough -- some really good quotes in this one, folks. (props to Roscoe for the link!)

Winning the title for most obvious headline is's "Nats' Tavarez battling control issues."

Wow, it seems that last night's game was the tipping point for many sportswriters (not that I don't understand why). The Post's Chico Harlan is tired of Dunn and Guzman, too.

The more I hear from Rob Dibble, the more I like him. Sure, sometimes he says really really stupid things and he calls the team "we," which irks me, but, to make a long story short, he lost a bet and now has Ichiro Suzuki's number tattooed on his... in a rather interesting place.

More from teams above .300 after the jump...

New feature! MLB's Most Disturbing Home Videos! Today, we'll watch Marlins pitcher Burke Badenhop take a line drive to the knee. This is why they're paid the big bucks -- danger! Thankfully, he got up and walked off the field shortly thereafter.

Giants ace Tim Lincecum's 29 inning scoreless streak (third longest in San Francisco history!) was broken last night, though he still earned the win against the Padres.

The Marlins set a franchise record by scoring 10 runs in the 8th, tied a franchise record for biggest comeback victory and the Diamondbacks set their franchise record for biggest blown lead. Overall, not a great day for teams from the west coast!