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Nationals News, Goodbye Manny Edition

Today is a lonely day in DC sports. Not only are we Mannyless, but we also don't have sports to watch... at all! Today and Wednesday are the only two days all year without a major sporting event played in the US. And no, the home run derby doesn't count.

Adding to an incredible list of things I've never seen before in baseball, Tyler Clippard balked in a run while attempting an intentional walk last night. If you missed it (and this is definitely something you'll want to see), check out the video (skip to 1:25, unless you like seeing Nationals lowlights.)

Over at the DC Sports Bog, they've done a good job of putting Manny Acta's firing in perspective. Losing a coach is something we should be used to by now.

Fire Jim Bowden also has an opinion about Acta, an opinion shared by most of DC's baseball fans.

Finally, yesterday was a pretty good last game for Manny, at least in terms of what we've come to expect from the Nationals.

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Last night was the 30th anniversary of Disco Demolition, a fiasco so hilarious I'm surprised it didn't happen in DC. Paging Stan Kasten: if you want to distract people from your horrible record, may I suggest Reggaeton Ruin night?

56 percent of fans told the AP that they don't think that the All-Star Game should decide the home field for the World Series. Being a Nationals fan, I absolutely agree. In every year since 2003, when the system was adopted, the AL team has had home-field advantage. I call shenanigans!