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Nationals News, Home Run Derby Edition

With no (real) baseball being played yesterday, I thought this morning would be a slow one for Nationals News, but I was mistaken. I guess that's what happens when the manager gets fired!

Chico Harlan, of the Post, has put together a good summary of what's going on with Manny Acta.

MLB Trade Rumors did a piece on relievers, but didn't mention the Nationals as a team that needs help in the bullpen. How about the Nationals trading for Cla Meredith or, even better, Heath Bell?

John Taylor has made a list of all those in the Nationals organization who have lost their jobs. The number is preeeeetty impressive...

Over at Nationals Pride, Jim Kurtzke has placed blame for the Nationals' horrendous record squarely on the shoulders of Jim Bowden.

More on the rest of the league (or really, just Albert Pujols) after the jump...

President Obama will be throwing out the first pitch tonight at the All-Star Game, and who better to catch for him than hometown hero Albert Pujols

Pujols also made news by insisting that he doesn't take performance enhancing drugs, welcoming tests in the offseason. Baseball must  make absolutely sure that PEDs aren't being used anymore, so it's good to hear that superstars like Pujols are asking to be tested.