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Nationals News, No Baseball Today Edition

Unlike Monday, when we at least had the Home Run Derby, there will be zero major league baseball played today! At all! What am I supposed to do when I get home from work?!

Thomas Boswell reports that very little progress has been made on signing Stephen Strasburg. Though Mike Rizzo has been in contact with Scott Boras for the past few weeks, they've only sent over a minor league contract. Still, I'm willing to bet money that the Nationals sign him before the deadline.

Dave Nichols, from Nationals News Network, has put together a pretty scathing review of the Nationals' front office. And it's spot on, in my opinion.

Apparently, the Nationals haven't been talking with former Atlanta pitching coach Leo Mazzone, although Steve McCatty's contract does not go beyond this year.

To no one's surprise, Stephen Strasburg won the Golden Spikes award, the equivalent of the Heisman trophy. There's a video there as well, in which Stephen keeps talking about how much he loves Fenway... hmmmmmmm...

Obama cracked a Nationals joke yesterday, in the All-Star Game's pressbox. It's okay, though, as long as he promises to go to a game before the end of the season.

Jim Riggleman has broken a number of young pitchers. Uh oh...

More All-Star related news after the jump...

Mariano Rivera earned his record fourth All-Star Game save last night. Not bad at all for a 39 year old!

In case you missed it, President Obama threw the first pitch last night, which, according to his catcher Albert Pujols, didn't touch the ground.

Although Chone Figgins was selected to the All-Star squad to replace Evan Longoria, he didn't play, so he couldn't do the Ozzie Smith backflip as he had promised. :(