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Federal Baseball Week In Review...Washington Nationals News...

• Last week was a busy week at Federal, with all of our writers hard at work to try to covering the Nationals news...Sometimes a story falls through the cracks...This is where they're collected...

(Today's Monday 7/20 Schedule):

6:00 am EST - Federal Baseball Week In Review

9:00-10:00ish am EST - J. Quinn Brings The Links.

12:00 pm EST - Washington Nationals: Minor League.

3:00 pm EST - GameThread NY Mets at Washington Nationals. 

? - You Never Know What Else Might Pop Up...

Week In Review After The Jump...

SB Nation's Mid-Season NL EAST Roundtable...Washington Nationals Edition - Part 1. - TRADE TALK - Federal Baseball - Ed Chigliak

• SB Nation's Mid-Season NL EAST Roundtable...Washington Nationals Edition - Part 2 - Second-Half Stories - Federal Baseball - Ed Chigliak 

• "Nats Stats: How many runs should we expect?" - Federal Baseball -Doghouse

"So, as we were puzzling over the mathematically-inexplicable suckitude of the Nats yesterday, commenter Graysnail wondered out loud what the Nats' situational run expectancy looked like. Don't worry, ye stats-averse, this isn't as complex as the name sounds..."

• Nats Stats: Who lost the W.A.R.? - Federal Baseball - Doghouse

"How can the Nats be so terrible when they're merely bad on paper? A look at the math-defying awfulness of the 2009 Nationals!"

• Nats Stats: Midterm report card - Federal Baseball - Doghouse

Time for the Nationals mid-term report card. Your parents are not going to happy, young man.

• "Why I fell in love with Adam Dunn (and why he should have been in the Derby) - Federal Baseball - J. Quinn

Prior to last night's Home Run Derby, I was not a fan of Adam Dunn. I couldn't understand why the Nationals would keep paying a player with 10 errors already this season, despite his .266/.398/.544 line...

• Washington Nationals Replace Manny Acta with Jim Riggleman: Kasten, Rizzo Say Team "Underachieved" and "Unacceptable" - Federal Baseball -  Dave Nichols (aka Dave at Nats News Network)

The Washington Nationals held a press conference today to distance themselves from fired manager Manny Acta, calling the team's performance to date "unacceptable" and admitting that the talent they have been working "three hard years" to accumulate has "underachieved".

• FROM: NATIONALS NEWS NETWORK: "We should be better than we are." - Dave Nichols (aka Dave at Nats News Network)

Mike Rizzo, in his statements to the press after the firing of Manny Acta said as much as well. "...we kept thinking that this was going to turn around. We were going to start playing better. And we have always continued to underachieve in my opinion." But is this team underachieving? The stats say no. The stats say this team is just bad.  

See you next week. - Ed