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Nationals News, 11 Runs Scored, 26 Runs Against Edition

  In the four games played since 2009.2 began at the end of the All-Star break, the Nats have scored eleven runs and have had 26 scored against them, meaning that the Nationals have been outscored by 236%. In 2009.1, the Nationals scored 381 runs and allowed 489, meaning they were outscored by just 128%. This is admittedly a small sample size, but it is certainly not a good omen for the rest of 2009.2.

Now, the links:

  By sweeping the series over the weekend, the Cubs did something that hadn't been done for 111 years -- swept a four game series in DC.

  J.D. Martin will get the start tonight, making him the fourth rookie getting his first start in the majors this season... except that he's 26, and was drafted in 2001. He spent eight years in the minors, but he's still young enough to make a long-term difference with the Nationals. I'm definitely interested in seeing him against the Mets tonight.

  The Post is running an article by Paul Schwartzman aptly titled "In the Cellar with No Ladder in Sight." Now, the Nationals being last is certainly not newsworthy, but what bears mentioning is what players feel about being in last place. Willie Harris said "I'm not going to lose sleep because I lost a ballgame. I lose sleep when my mother's sick." Joe Beimel said he was shocked the fans don't give him a hard time, but "maybe they just don't care enough." Now Joe, I'm going to give you a compliment sandwich: I like your name, but maybe you should focus more on your pitching and less on the fans. I care a whole lot that you are 0-5 this season, your strikeout to walk ratio is an abysmal 1.53, you've saved one game and blown four and you don't even want to be here. I also like your hair.
  I thought, as fans, that we're putting up with a bad team because we know there are growing pains associated with rebuilding and that you guys appreciated that, but maybe I was wrong. The next time I'm at a game, I will make it a point to boo when you are called in and heckle you as long as you are on the mound. But only to show you that I care, and because you asked for it.

We have at least one reason to be thankful... hit the jump to find out why!

  As Mezza pointed out, things could be worse -- the Nationals could be spending $136 million, the most in the NL, to be the most expensive fourth place team ever.