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Nationals News, WE'RE GOING STREAKING Edition!

  For the first time under Jim Riggleman, and just the sixth time this season, the Nationals have won more than one game in a row! Jordan Zimmerman was scheduled to pitch tonight, but he was just hit the DL so Collin Balester was called up from Syracuse to do his thing. He had a 4.35 ERA at Syracuse, so I'm not exactly loving his chances against Albert Pujols and the Cardinals, but the Nats are coming in with a bit of momentum so who knows!

  One thing I'm liking from the Riggler is his willingness to make changes. Guzman, who had been hitting sixth, wasn't terribly happy there, so Jim Riggleman moved him to second. Sure, he went 0/4 and dropped his average to .290, but if these changes keep happening, the Nationals will eventually find an order that works. May I suggest moving Willingham to the top?

  Manny Ramirez is showing no ill effects from his "mandatory vacation," hitting a pinch hit grand slam last night -- on Manny Ramirez bobblehead night, no less!

  That's all, folks! A slow news day for the Nationals... I guess that's what happens when a losing team starts winning. Here's to hoping that tomorrow is slow as well!