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Nationals News Quickies! has posted an interesting Q&A with Nyjer Morgan.

There has been some interesting discussion of the Strasburg situation, comparing him with players that have defected to join the free agent market over the years.

When the Nationals had a game with the Astros called due to rain, Elijah Dukes was on first base... and he's not on the team anymore...

Mark Zuckerman makes the case that Milledge and Dukes had to go because of their attitudes. He may be on to something.

Somebody appears to have had enough of Scott Boras. Take THAT, Land Rover!

More from around the league after the jump...

The Rest of It

Yahoo's power rankings have the Yankees moving up. Guess who's in last place!

While a lot has happened to slow the Nationals, at least they haven't been the victims of a bee delay.