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Game 101: Disappointment, by WPA



teh awes0mest play: Tyler Clippard gets a GDP with runners on the corners and no outs (+0.131)
teh suxx0rest play: Tyler Clippard coughs up a two-run, go-ahead bomb to "Casey McGehee" (-0.371)
MVP: The Z-man (+0.188)

Clip (-0.253)

Interestingly, the third-awesomest play for the Nats was when Nyjer Morgan went first-to-third on a wild pitch (+0.111).  The second-awesomest was a Ryan Zimmerman RBI single (+0.118).  Overall, an exciting see-saw game with an all-too-familiar result.

(Each play changes the odds of winning by the "win percentage added" or WPA.  It adds up to +0.5 for a win, and -0.5 for a loss--you start the game with a 50% chance of winning.  This idea stolen from Amazin' Avenue.)