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Nationals News, Nothing Lasts Forever Edition

  It was certainly fun while it lasted, but the Nationals win streak was put to rest at four last night. I didn't expect it to last past today, with Gallardo pitching for the Brewers, but I thought the Nats had a shot at the game yesterday. And they thought they did too, being up 4-0 into the top of the third, but something happened pretty quickly after that. I can't complain, though, even if the Nationals did lose -- it was an exciting game, and that's more than can be said about most losses. The final at-bat between future hall-of-famer Trevor Hoffman and pinch hitter Adam Dunn, Dunn representing the tying run, was what baseball should be. What is worrisome, though, is how quickly the Nationals returned to pre-All-Star break play. Sometime between the third and the bottom of the sixth, the Nationals regressed fifty or so games. Nobody was expecting the Nats to play as well as they have been every day, but a real test of their mettle is coming in today's game.

  FJB wonders how much of the Nationals' problems are Manny Acta related.

  As much as I hate to hear it, Jim Riggleman doesn't think any more moves will be made before the deadline. One name thrown around a lot is Joe Beimel's, but he doesn't seem to be too concerned.

  Nick Johnson has the Nationals right where he wants them, without a replacement first baseman. He's interested in a two year deal that would have him making more than the $16.5 million he's making over three years now.