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  I'm working on a story inspired by Joe West, so I'm just going to make a few quick links:

  It looks Nick Johnson may have played his last game as a National. The Marlins have offered pitcher Ryan Tucker and asked the Nats to pay for some of Nick's contract. I don't think I'd trade Johnson for Tucker (even his minor league stats weren't fantastic, posting an 8.04 ERA in four starts in AAA. If the Nats trade Johnson for Tucker, they would have traded him for anything -- and I'd prefer anything but Tucker.

  FJB wonders why the Nationals haven't made more trades this time around, as does Nats Triple Play, and the Times confirms that any moves will likely be minor.

  The Nats Enquirer appreciates Jim Riggleman getting thrown out of the game.

  And last, but definitely not least, check out Ryan Zimmerman's guns!