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Ryan Zimmerman Is An All-Star, Scott Olsen Pitches Like One, Washington Nationals Beat The Atlanta Braves, 5-3 Final.


Scott Olsen Surrenders HR, Gets Standing Ovation!!!

Scott Olsen left the mound in Nationals Park late this afternoon to a standing ovation from the DC Faithful after he'd surrendered a two-out, two-run HR to Braves' center fielder Nate McLouth that put Atlanta within reach, but still behind, at 5-3 DC in the top of the ninth inning. Olsen completes 8.2 IP in which he allows 8 hits, 3 ER, 1 HR and 5 walks while striking out 5, throwing 116 pitches, 75 for strikes and collecting his first RBI of the season. Olsen's second-straight strong start since returning from the DL lifts the Nationals to their second-straight win over Atlanta and a two games to one victory in the weekend series in the nation's capital.

Nationals win, 5-3 final. 

Miss The Game? The DC Faithful Were Watching...

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Ronnie Belliard Wants To Play...

• TANM!!! The Amazing Nyjer Morgan!!!


• Cristian Guzman NEEDS YOU!!!

For The Completists, Full Game Report After The Jump...

DWDT: 21.

Nationals now 24-55.


• Ronnie Belliard Wants To Play...

Ronnie Belliard got a rare start at second today after last night's PH single and run scored late in DC's comeback win. What did Belliard, who was hitting .169 going into this afternoon's game, do with the opportunity? Ronnie Belliard went 2 for 3 with a walk, a double, 3 runs scored and a two-out RBI. Sure he's slowed a step. Sure he plays back on the outfield grass to maximize his decreased range. Sure he's been swinging for the fences all season...and sure he does have a tendency to drop most grounders before picking them up and firing to first. But everyone once in a while, Ronnie Belliard reminds you why he's still hanging around.

• TANM!!! The Amazing Nyjer Morgan!!!

So this is what it's like to have a real center fielder. Granted he was playing in left before he came to DC, but he's playng a better center than anyone the Nationals have put out there this year, with the possible exception of TAWH(The Amazing Willie Harris), but Morgan's been solid in center since he arrived, and today was no different.


"Scott Olsen’s back for the eighth, and facing Martin Prado. Prado lines a full-count fastball to center, Nyjer Morgan dives...and misses, but Morgan jumps up, picks up the ball and throws to second to NAIL PRADO!! "You'rrre OUT!" yells the ump...Nyjer Morgan everyone!! (cue applause)

Morgan finishes the game 3 for 5 with a run scored, his 8th double, 28th RBI and his 20th steal of the season. 


With a .295 AVG, 22 doubles, 13 HR's, 46 RBI's, a .365 OBP, .486 SLG, and an .851 OPS so far in the 2009, Ryan Zimmerman's put together (arguably) his best first-half in the majors, and in spite of some concerns about the statistical decline that followed his headline grabbing hitting streak, Ryan Zimmerman has been added to the NL roster for the upcoming 2009 MLB All-Star game. The appearance will be Ryan Zimmerman's first. Zimmerman received the support of the DC Faithful in the voting for the ASG, but finished third behind David Wright and Chipper Jones. 

• Here are the 2009 All-Star Rosters. (feat. Ryan Zimmer--THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!!)

• I conducted an email interview with Ryan Zimmerman a few weeks back, in which we discussed the possibility of his being named to the All-Star game. Congratulations to Ryan Zimmerman!!! The Face of the Franchise will represent at the '09 All-Star Game!!!


• Cristian Guzman NEEDS YOU!!!


Apparently MLB is running something called the 2009 All-Star Game ****(sorry no free ads) Final Vote, where fans get to decide who the final player added to each league's roster will be. Guzman will be up against Matt Kemp (OF LAD), Mark Reynolds (3B AZ), Pablo "Falls Alot" Sandoval (3B SF) and Shane Victorino (OF PHI). Here's what's Mark Newman sells the voting public on Guzman in an article on the Final Vote entitled, "Fans face tough choice with Final Vote":

"One of the bright spots for Washington this season undoubtedly is the play of Guzman, who was batting .316 through 65 games. He went on a real tear last month during three consecutive Interleague Play series against the Yankees, Blue Jays and Red Sox, producing eight multi-hit games and going 20-for-47 during that 10-game stretch."



Atlanta Braves At Washington Nationals. Game 79 or 80 of 162. 


Nate McLouth sends a high fly ball out to Mr. 300, Adam Dunn, who catches the first out of the ballgame. Martin Prado hooks a high fastball into the corner in left and off the wall for a double. Scott Olsen pitches around his master, Chipper Jones. Brian McCann lines to right, Josh Willingham fires it back in after making the grab. 1-2 change up high and Olsen gets Yunel Escobar swinging to end the top of the first...Nyjer Morgan lines to left for a leadoff single in the Nationals’ first. Nyjer Morgan swipes second after Nick Johnson flies out to left. Ryan Zimmerman singles through second and Nyjer Morgan is home before the throw is cut at the pitcher’s mound. 1-0 Nationals. Adam Dunn grounds to Chipper Jones in the shift, to Yunel Escobar at second and on to first, double play. 


After Garret Anderson pops out to start the inning, Scott Olsen strikes out Matt Diaz and Casey Kotchman for a quick 1-2-3 second...Josh Willingham rolls a soft grounder out to Yunel Escobar. Cristian Guzman gets a hold of a sinking fastball and gets it by Martin Prado for a one-out single. Josh Bard lines out to McLouth in center. Ronnie Belli-YARD!!!...almost, Belliard drills a hanging curve off the GEICO sign in right center for an RBI triple!!! 2-0 Nationals. Scott Olsen goes the other way with a jam shot pop to left that scores Belliard for a 3-0 lead. Nyjer Morgan grounds out to second to end the second...


Ryan "All-Star" Zimmerman bobbles a grounder from Derek Lowe and still has time to throw out the pitcher. Nate McLouth singles through second with one down. Martin Prado doubles to left on a hanging bender high in the zone. McLouth to third. Chipper Jones goes the professional route with a sac fly to center to cut into DC’s lead. 3-1 Nationals. Brian McCann doesn’t quite reach right, but he lines to first for his third straight lineout...Nick Johnson rolls one out to second and off Martin Prado into right, error or trademark single, NJ™. Derek Lowe drops a 1-2 sinker onto the outside edge to get Ryan Zimmerman looking. Adam Dunn hits a trademark (Dunn-K™) single to center. Josh WIllingham rips a sinker inside right into Chipper’s glove at third. Cristian Guzman singles up the middle, Yunel Escobar gets there and pockets it. Josh Bard grounds out to second to end the third.


Josh Willingham catches the first out of the fourth off Yunel Escobar’s bat at the corner of the stands in foul territory in right. Garret Anderson grounds to Guzman at short. Matt Diaz grounds to short, Guzman to Johnson, 3-1 DC in the fourth...Ronnie Belliard lifts one out to Nate McLouth in center. Scott Olsen grounds back to the mound. Nyjer Morgan speeds around to second on a gapper to left center. Nick Johnson pops out to end DC’s fourth.


Ronnie Belliard leaps and snags Casey Kotchman’s liner. Scott Olsen does the unthinkable, walking Derek Lowe. Nate McLouth grounds to short, Guzman to Belliard to Johnson, double play to end the Braves’ fifth...Ryan Zimmerman grounds to Chipper Jones for the first out of the DC fifth. Adam Dunn grounds into the shift. Josh Willingham drops a dribbler in front of the mound for the final out of the fifth.


Scott Olsen walks Martin Prado to start the sixth. Chipper Jones lines to center, Nyjer Morgan’s on it and he makes an over the shoulder catch at a full sprint*. Ronnie Belliard slides on the outfield grass, spins and throws to first in time to get McCann. Yunel Escobar grounds to second to end the ATL sixth...Cristian Guzman lines out to McLouth in center. Josh Bard hits a one-out double to right field. Ronnie Belliard takes a low sinker for ball four. Scott Olsen rips a single to center, Bard’s limping and stops at third. Derek Lowe’s out, Nyjer Morgan due up and will face Boone Logan. Morgan grounds to first, Kotchman takes the force at home. Nick Johnson hits a trademark single through short, Bard scores from third, 4-1 Nationals. NJ™. Manny Acosta on for Atlanta. Ryan "All-Star" Zimmerman up for DC. Pop fly to short right, Matt Diaz makes the grab. 


Scott Olsen drops a slider across the plate to get Garret Anderson chasing. Matt Diaz singles to left with one down. Casey Kotchman drives an 0-2 offering from Olsen under a diving Guzman at short. Jeff Francoeur pops out to foul territory down the right field line. Nate McLouth flies out to right, Josh Willingham has it...Kris Medlen vs Adam Dunn to start the DC seventh. Dunn gets punched out on a two-strike fastball outside. Josh Willingham sends a laser line drive to center. Josh Willingham steals second with Guzman at bat. Guzman K’s swinging to end the seventh. 


Olsen’s back for the eighth, facing Martin Prado. Prado lines to center, Nyjer Morgan dives, misses, jumps up and throws to second to NAIL PRADO!! Nyjer Morgan everyone!! Ryan Zimmerman cuts off a grounder to short from Chipper and throws to first, All-Star-style!!! Brian McCann takes a 3-2 pitch that bounces. Good eye. One on, two outs in the eighth. Yunel Escobar takes the second straight walk, and Olsen’s don..Olsen talks his manager out of it. Olsen vs Garret Anderson. Swinging K, Olsen’s through eight!!!...Ronnie Belliard vs Medlen. Line drive single through short!! Scott Olsen’s going for a CG, gets down a sac bunt. Nyjer Morgan lines to right, Belliard scores, Morgan in at second, 5-1 DC!! Nick Johnson grounds out to second. Ryan Zimmerman stares a two-strike curve all the way in.


Scott Olsen’s back for the ninth. Leadoff double for Diaz that not even Willie Harris can get. Cristian Guzman throws from deep in the hole at short to get Casey Kotchman on a sharp grounder. Brooks Conrad flies out to Nyjer Morgan in center. Nate McLouth goes deep to right and over the out-of-town scoreboard. HR, 5-3 DC. Scott Olsen gets a standing ovation from the DC Faithful. Mike MacDougal vs Martin Prado. Prado singles through second. Chipper Jones fouls off a 2-2 pitch and some idiot sets off the fireworks prematurely. C.Jones walks. Two on for Brian McCann. Ground ball to first, Nick Johnson has it, and the Nationals win!! 5-3 final. 


Nationals now 24-55.