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Nationals News... in Briefs!

The Nationals' 0-1 loss last night at Coors Field was just the eighth 1-0 game since the field opened in 1995.

Nats Triple Play makes a final plea to send Guzman to St. Louis.

Apparently, when you're the Nationals, you get Teddy Roosevelt on your pen instead of your logo. I guess we really like losers here in Washington... oh wait...

Today, July 7, in 1937, FDR became the first president to attend a baseball All-Star game, where he threw out the first pitch. When is Obama coming to see the Nats?

Now that Hanrahan and Dukes are off the team, and Jesus Flores is on the DL, Manny has replaced two of them on the roster for Thursday's continuation of May 5th's game against the Astros.

More news you're probably less interested in after the jump...

The Reds suffered their worst defeat in over 100 years last night, losing by 21 runs to the Phillies.

There is no shortage of teams looking for help from the Jay's ace, Roy Halladay. I have no doubt Toronto will get a heapin' helpin' of somethin' for him.