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A Few Quick Nationals Notes

Dan Steinberg, over at DC Sports Bog, put together a pretty good summary of what went wrong last night. So did Nats320. So did Nationals Enquirer. If you don't want to read these articles, I'll summarize by saying that everything went wrong, and it would have been hilarious if I wasn't watching my team suck it up.

Alan Embree, the winning pitcher last night, didn't have to throw a pitch. The last time that happened was 2003. Leave it to the Nationals...

Surely you've heard by now, but Adam Dunn will not be traded this year, according to Mike Rizzo.

Just one story after the jump, but I assure you it's worth clicking!

Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster was placed on the 15-day DL after breaking his toe celebrating the team's victory on Sunday. It turns out he was far from the first baseball player with a freak injury.