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Game 103: Get 'em tomorrow!



Yaaay! Willie Harris' RBI double (+0.116)
Boooo! Nyjer Morgan pops out with 2 on, 2 out in the 9th (-0.144)
Hero(?) Cristian Guzman (+0.106)
Goats John Lannan (-0.225), Nyjer Morgan (-0.214)

Not much good stuff out of the Nats tonight in terms of WPA.  On the other hand, I'm almost positive I saw Anderson Hernandez at the hotel getting on the elevator as we were getting off to head to our room!  The hair was right, the shape of the face and the height, too.  It didn't sink in until I was past him, though, so I didn't have a chance to be all, "Way to turn it, butterfingers!  Get a smaller glove, you bum!!"  Yeah, he would have kicked my butt (if Mrs. Doghouse didn't first).  This was at about midnight.