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Nationals News, Worst Day All Year Edition

  Breaking their second-longest win streak since moving to Washington (only a ten-gamer in June of 2005 was longer), the Nationals took a hard loss yesterday. Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson had his stuff all game, striking out 9 and allowing just one run over 6.2 innings -- numbers I was expecting from Arizona's Dan Haren in Saturday's game, but not Hanson's yesterday. More importantly, the Nats committed two errors after just five over the sixteen games previous, a big step backward for them. I'm sure Riggleman was none to happy in the team's meeting after the game, but the Nationals can still split the two game series with a win tonight.

  Clint Everts, the Expos' first round pick in 2002, was promoted to AAA yesterday after posting a .90 ERA at Potomac and a 1.53 ERA at Harrisburg. He's definitely a player to watch: by my very scientific calculations, if his ERA trend continues, he'll have a 2.16 in Syracuse and end with an incredible 2.79 in the majors.

  The Washington Times ran a story filled with quotes from Drew Storen, who seems to be a really good guy and a (potentially) great pitcher. He signed the day after he was drafted because he said he missed the game... ahhh, if only every draft pick had that attitude...

  During the Red Sox/Tigers game last night, Detroit rookie Rick Porcello hit Kevin Youkilis, who then charged the mound (watch how Porcello deftly takes Youkilis down). The benches cleared, but no punches were thrown. Porcello and Youkilis were ejected, and will certainly be suspended.

  With no date given for a decision about the GM job, three candidates have emerged: Boston's assistant GM, Jed Hoyer, Arizona's Director of Scouting Jerry DiPoto and Mike Rizzo, current acting GM. I still believe it would be a mistake to hire anyone but Rizzo -- does Kasten really think DiPoto or Hoyer could have done better? -- but whatever decision is reached, it needs to be made soon.