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Cincinnati Reds' Jonny Gomes Hits 3 HR's, Washington Nationals Held To 2 Hits. 7-0 Cincy.

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• Better Living Through Chemistry...

It took the Cincinnati Reds' right-hander Bronson Arroyo all of 2 hours and 7 minutes and 103 pitches to finish a complete game shutout against the Washington Nationals tonight. DC's batters K'd 3 times, grounded out 13 times and hit 11 fly ball outs, managing just two hits, a leadoff single to center by Adam Dunn in the second which was erased by Elijah Dukes' DP grounder and Ryan Zimmerman's line drive single to left in the seventh, an inning which ended three batters later with Zimmerman stranded at second. Nationals' starter Collin Balester gives up 3 HR's, two to Jonny Gomes, (who hits a third off DC reliever Jason Bergmann), and one to Reds' catcher Ryan Hanigan. Balester lasts just 5.0 innings, and gives up 5 hits and 5 ER. Jonny Gomes ends the night 3 for 4 with 3 HR's and 5 RBI's. Arroyo, who was featured in a USA Today article by Bob Nightengale entitled, "Reds' Arroyo is gambling on supplements despite the risk", proclaiming his belief in better living through chemistry makes a strong argument for his case.

Reds win, 7-0 final. 

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Nationals now 40-75 (Countdown To 100 Losses Stands At...25.)



Washington Nationals At Cincinnati Reds. Game 115 Of 162


Bronson Arroyo does the high straight leg kick and throws a 2-2 change to Nyjer Morgan, who grounds out to Brandon Phillips at second. Cristian Guzman hits a weak grounder to second. Ryan Zimmerman pops one up over third and Adam Rosales makes the catch...Reds’ leadoff hitter Chris Dickerson hits a one-hopper to third, Ryan Zimmerman fields and throws on the run and in time, Adam Dunn picks it. Ryan Zimmerman’s receives a grounder from Brandon Phillips and throws him out. Joey Votto takes a curve in the dirt and walks with two down. Elijah Dukes backs up to the track to catch out No. 3 off Joey Votto’s bat. 


Adam Dunn hits a line drive off the outside edge for a single to center. Lance Nix charges in and slides as he catches a low liner from Josh Willingham. Elijah Dukes grounds to Alex Gonzalez to Brandon Philips to Joey Votto, double play...Laynce Nix doubles to the wall in right center to lead off the Reds’ second. Jonny Gomes hits one into the upper deck off Colln Balester on a full-count fastball that begs to be hit. 2-0 Reds. Adam Rosales grounds out to short. Ryan Hanigan unloads on a 1-2 bender from Balester for a 3-0 Reds’ lead on the second HR of the frame. Bronson Arroyo flies out to Nyjer Morgan in center. Chris Dickerson flies to left center, Josh Wilingham dives to make the grab. 


Josh Bard grounds out to Alex Gonzales at short. Alberto Gonzalez lines out to Alex Gonzalez at short. Collin Balester K’s swinging to end DC’s third...Alex Gonzalez sends one screaming out to short, but Guzman’s there. Joey Votto sneaks one under Balester’s glove and up the middle, but Guzman fields it behind second and throws to first in time. Brandon Phillips keeps Guzman busy, groundout to end the third.


Bronson Arroyo hits Nyjer Morgan as he squares to bunt. Cristian Guzman chops out to first with Morgan already on second. Ryan Zimmerman’s just a step too slow to beat the throw from Adam Rosales to first on a groundout. Adam Dunn walks with two down. Josh Willingham grounds out to short, and the Nationals waste a leadoff runner...Lance Nix rips a single through second to start the Reds’ fourth. Jonny Gomes hits his second HR of the night to left and into the walkway behind the stands. 4-0 Reds. Balester walks Adam Rosales. Ryan Haningan grounds to second, but Rosales was running so no chance for a DP. Bronson Arroyo pops out to third, and Balester hits the outside edge with a two-strike heater to get Chris Dickerson looking to end the fourth. 


Elijah Dukes flies out to right field. Josh Bard flies to left center and a sprinting Lance Nix makes the catch. Alberto Gonzalez lines to short...Alex Gonzalez goes down swinging. Joey Votto grounds out to Guzman, who stands behind second waiting for it. Brandon Phillips flies out to left and it’s a quick five in the books...Jorge Padilla pops up to first to start the sixth. Nyjer Morgan grounds out to Brandon Phillips. Cristian Guzman flies out to center to end the top of the frame...Laynce Nix pops out to Zimmerman foul of third. Jason Bergmann on for Balester. Jonny Gomes gets a fastball letter-high and down the middle, and Gomes has his third HR of the night, this one to straight center for a 6-0 Cincy lead. Adam Rosales pops out to third. Bergmann gives up a single to Hanigan, but strikes out Arroyo to end the sixth.


Ryan Zimmerman starts the seventh with a line drive single to left. 16-straight!!! Adam Dunn gets sawed off at the handle and flies out to right. Josh Willingham K’s swinging through a two-strike change. Elijah Dukes grounds out to third to end the DC seventh...Chris Dickerson grounds out to Alberto Gonzalez at second. Alex Gonzalez grounds out to third. Saul Rivera’s got two outs. Joey Votto takes a two-out walk from Rivera. Brandon Phillips flies to right center, and Jorge Padilla misplays an out into an RBI double, misjudging the flight of the fly, Votto scores. 7-0 Reds. Laynce Nix grounds out to end the seventh. 


Bronson Arroyo gets Bard to K swinging over a two-strike bender outside. Alberto Gonzalez pops out foul of third. Jorge Padilla grounds out and the Nationals have nothing through eight...Jonny Gomes vs Mike MacDougal. MacDougal gets a backwards K with a slider outside. Adam Rosales grounds out to short. Ryan Hanigan grounds to third, Ryan Zimmerman handles it.


Willie Harris grounds out to start the ninth. Cristian Guzman grounds out to second to end his hitting streak. Ryan Zimmerman flies to deeep right and...Laynce Nix catches it at the wall. Reds win, 7-0. 


Nationals now 40-75.