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Nationals News, Fasten Your Seatbelts Edition

  Get ready: this weekend is going to be intense. After today, the Nationals have just three days left to sign Stephen Strasburg, the number one draft pick of 2009, and (according to some) the best amateur pitcher in a generation. After failing to sign Aaron Crow last season (who subsequently became Kansas City's headache), the Nationals need to sign Strasburg to bring stability to their rotation and restore the faith of their fans. If the Nats let their first-round pick go unsigned yet again, they won't be taken seriously in the future; given that they're on track to have the first pick in the 2010 draft as well, that's a big deal. Last year, five Boras-represented players picked in the first round hadn't signed going into deadline day, four of those had signed by the end of the day. If Rizzo doesn't ink a deal with Strasburg, he won't be around next year. If he does, he still has a shot, but his return is still far from guaranteed. Get your F5 buttons ready, folks, there's going to be a lot of refreshing this weekend.

  Bronson Arroyo was spot-on last night, high-kicking his way to a complete game shutout against the Nationals. After the game, Riggleman admitted that the way the Nationals played made them look bad -- Arroyo is good, but he's not that good.

  Nyjer Morgan, who has been picked off an awful lot lately, realizes he needs to get better at stealing bases. May I suggest not attempting the steal on the first pitch as often?

  Pete Franch... I mean Ryan Zimmerman happens to be one of the many Nats fans who wants to see Stephen Strasburg in a Nationals uniform.

  Nats Triple Play points to Jordan Zimmermann's injury as testament to Mike Rizzo's plan to draft and trade for as many young arms as possible.