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Game 116: Slow 'n' Steady WON the game?



  • Yaaaaay!  Ronnie Belliard's solo shot gives the Nats the only run they need (+0.136)
  • Yaaaaaaay!  Adam Dunn (really!) snares a liner and tags first with his glove for a DP (+0.132)
  • Her0: Garrett Mock, by a landslide (+0.384)
  • H0n0rable Menti0n: Jason Bergmann (+0.173)

Plenty of drama tonight in a slow, steady march to victory.  A nail-biting but effective tightrope walk around bases-loaded jams from Mock, unlikely bombs from Belli-YARD and WHO? Wil Nieves! plus a commanding closeout from Mike MacDougal.  Good game.  Too bad Ryan Zimmerman's streak ended, but we all know Z-man trades a streak for a win every time.