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Stan Kasten On Scott Boras And Stephen Strasburg...

In an AP article published at within the last hour entitled, "Nats offer Strasburg record contract", Washington Nationals' team President Stan Kasten is quoted as having stated, "'With 48 hours to go, I simply have no idea whether we're going to be able to reach a deal,'" with the Washington Nationals' '09 #1 overall pick, right-handed pitcher Stephen Strasburg. In the first public comments from the Nationals outside of "Acting" DC GM Mike Rizzo's repeated assertions that the team will not negotiate with Strasburg and his agent Scott Boras through the media, Mr. Kasten goes on to describe what seems to have been the focus of the two sides' disagreement since before Washington picked the San Diego, California native:

"'This kid is so impressive. We have nothing but the highest regard for him. If he wants to come and begin his career right now -- and do so with the largest contract ever given to any drafted player in the history of Major League Baseball -- we can help him accomplish that,' Kasten told the AP. 'But if this is more about changing the whole way an industry does business, then we won't be able to reach a deal.'"

In the article, Mr. Kasten elaborates on what he means when he says that Scott Boras might be attempting to go about, "...changing the whole way an industry does business," explaining to the gathered press, as recounted by the AP reporter that he would, "...(characterize) Boras' approach as 'advocating a new methodology for evaluating draft picks' -- changing the way a draft pick's worth is determined." In conclusion, Mr. Kasten will only say that there is a, "...very real possibility, with 48 hours to go, that Stephen may choose not to sign with us."

Is Stan Kasten preparing fans of the Washington Nationals for the possibility that a deal will not be reached? Letting Strasburg and Boras know that they're not going to use the Nationals to further their agenda? Decide for yourself...


• Washington Post's Thomas Boswell Reports: Stephen Strasburg Offered "Record-Setting" Contract. - Federal Baseball - Ed Chigliak

"According to a Nationals Journal post by Washington Post writer Thomas Boswell entitled, 'Nats Offer Strasburg Record-Setting Contract', the Washington Nationals, '...have offered No. 1 overall draft pick Stephen Strasburg the largest contract ever for a pitcher taken in the amateur draft.'"