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Game 118: Here comes The Judge!



  • Yaaaay!  Ryan Zimmerman's bloop RBI single allows Josh Willingham to show show heads-up, hard-nosed baserunning that plates that winning tally (+0.257)
  • Booooo! John Lannan gives up a three-run bomb to put the Nats down by two (-0.375)
  • Her0(s): Mike MacDougal (+0.280), Wil Nieves (+0.279)
  • g0at: A struggling "Cool Hand" Lannan (-0.269)

Another great see-saw game.  Looked like a pitching duel, then a rout-in-the-making, then a sudden comeback! Awesome!  I almost forgot about the blown squeeze play (you gotta take that for the team, Gonzo!).