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Stephen Strasburg: Sunday Evening Update? $17-$20 Million? Whaaat?

Earlier this afternoon, while the Washington Nationals were busy beating the Cincinnati Reds, Washington Post writer Chico Harlan posted a Nationals Journal story entitled, "Source: Nats Must Increase Offer To Strasburg", which quoted an anonymous source, "who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of negotiations", explaining that the Nationals' supposedly record-setting offer to '09 #1 overall pick, pitcher Stephen Strasburg, would, "...have to grow if Strasburg was to sign." Following today's game, writer Roch Kubatko published an article entitled, "Fit to be tied", that finally put a number behind the Nationals' claim of having offered a record-breaking deal. Mr. Kubatko is citing his own anonymous "Sources close to the negotiations" who claim that the Nationals' offer is for $17 million, "...with easily attainable incentives that could push it beyond $20 million."

?'s For the DC Faithful...

• Can Strasburg walk away from $17 million?

• Is there any chance a deal gets done tonight? Or any time before the last minute?

• Is Strasburg worth $20 million?

• Do you put any stock in anonymous sources? Or just assume they're carrying out an agenda?

More news when it's available...