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Nationals N... Who am I Kidding, this is All About Stephen Strasburg

The summary, for those of you without internet, television, a phone, a newspaper, friends or ears: the Nationals made Stephen Strasburg as the number one player in the draft on June 9, and the signing deadline is tonight. Strasburg is represented by Scott Boras, a big jerk (but a savvy agent) who tries to get a lot of money for his clients by holding out until the deadline. The Nationals shouldn't allow themselves to overpay for an unproven pitcher -- I've thrown against as many major league batters as has Strasburg. The stiffest competition he's faced was San Diego State's game against the University of Virginia, where he struck out 15 over 7 innings but allowed two runs and eight hits. I'm sticking with my prediction that he'll be signed, with $22 million as the magic number. If the Nats offer that much, and Strasburg says no, the Nationals will have done made a reasonable, good faith effort to sign Strasburg, and I'd be happy with that.

So many Strasburgian links... where to start... we've got a summary in the Washington Times, a trade leverage summary in the Post, a rundown of the Scott Boras clients still unsigned, Chico Harlan's take, some comments from Strasburg's coach Tony Gwynn, a transcript of MASN's broadcast crew ranting about the signing (they make some good points), Nationals Pride arguing that Boras wants to destroy the draft system and The Nationals Enquirer's take on it. I assure you, there will be plenty more today, so check back in the comments later.

And, as always, more after the jump...'s Nationals Play of the Day, as called by Rob Dibble: "Zimmerman in to pinch hit... [Bob Carpenter says something]... Zimmerman hits it, out to right... AND IT'S DROPPED! GO! GO! Zimmerman brings in the tying run, Willingham to third... the ball coming in now AND WILLINGHAM IS GOING FOR IT! HE'S... YES! HE'S SAFE! HE DELIVERS THE HUM DIDDLEY CRASH BANG ON THE CATCHER! AND THAT'S OLD SCHOOL BASEBALL, FOLKS!"

"The Barber of Seville" by the Washington National Opera will be simulcast at Nationals Park on September 12 (admission is free). I don't know anything about opera, but I'm really excited about this because it means I'll finally be able to walk on the field!

One of my favorite articles from today is a piece in the Post about the wives and girlfriends of baseball players. Sure, they've got money, but it's tough when your significant other is traveling all year.

Finally, a non-Nationals bit: Derek Jeter broke the record for most hits by a shortstop in yesterday's game against the Mariners.