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Nationals News: Stephen Strasburg and Mike Rizzo and Jerry DiPoto OH MY!

  Although there has been no official announcement made (yet?), it would appear that Mike Rizzo will not be the Nats GM next year. In a recent roundtable discussion, I argued that he should keep his job because he's shown that he is capable of making good moves. Stan Kasten has made no comment on the issue, but if Rizzo is to be fired, the news could come as early as tonight. Kasten said yesterday that the majority of the work done to sign Stephen Strasburg was put in by Mike Rizzo -- I don't understand how Kasten can say that, then turn around and fire Rizzo. Why fire Rizzo now, when the team is riding a wave of optimism bigger than any it has ever experienced? The only way this makes sense is if Rizzo doesn't want the job... hmmm...

  If you're going to be in the DC area on Friday, why not enjoy the game for just $1? There will be a press conference at 2 pm, and anyone with a ticket to the game can get in. Strasburg doesn't even need to play to fill seats!

  DC Sports Bog has drawn comparisons between Stephen Strasburg and Alex Ovechkin. Ironically, in an article about the importance of not overhyping Strasburg, Dan Steinburg has likened him to one of the most dynamic hockey players in recent history.