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Mike Rizzo, Jerry DiPoto, Washington Nationals' GM Rumor Mill.

• Rizzo may be out as Nats' acting GM | News - Bill Ladson

"A day after the Nationals signed their No. 1 Draft pick, Stephen Strasburg, to a record contract, it appears that Mike Rizzo will lose his job as acting general manager of the club."

• DiPoto expected to be named new Nats GM - - Danny Knobler - The Knobler Blog.

"DiPoto has told friends in Arizona that he plans to accept the job, which opened when Jim Bowden resigned under pressure this spring. Mike Rizzo has been serving as acting general manager, and Rizzo was one of three final candidates for the job, along with DiPoto and Red Sox assistant Jed Hoyer, according to sources."

• - Keith Law - MLB Baseball Rumors - MLB Rumors - Major League Baseball Rumor Central - ESPN

• Rob Dibble On XM's The Show with Rob Dibble and Jody MacDonald: 

Why Not Rizzo?

"I don't know why they would (go outside the organization), they haven't yet as far as I know. It is a lot of rumor and speculation, there's been a lot of rumor that there's been a lot of different interviews. I think that they are doing their due diligence because major league baseball requires it. But also, there's no rush, Mike Rizzo's done a fantastic job, and I still think he's a strong possibility for the job."

(ed. note - "Federal's own 'anonymous source with knowledge of the situation' reported earlier today that, in his/her own words, DiPoto will be the next GM..."They are in the process of inking a deal as I write this." Though I've tried to confirm this fact with other people in the know, as of now, you'll just have to take it for what it's worth. I will say that several other rumors from this source have turned out to be true.")