Always Trade To Get The Lowest Team Salary

Been away all week. Far, far away from the disaster known as the Washington Nationals. I come back and another well known player is traded away for nothing. This continues to support my theory that the Lerner's are following the Bob Short scenario, and that is, if you trade, only trade away high salaries to get players with low salaries to lower your team's overall salary total. This team owner is a joke and a penny pincher, whose aim is the bottom line. He spends nothing to improve this team and remains deathly silent. He is a sham and an affront to the faithful fans of the Nats who must endure day after day this boring AAA team. When the fans stop coming, then what? My guess you'll start hearing about the lack of support and the possibility of moving this team to Charlotte, or Las Vegas, and make a tidy little profit in selling.

Do you really think they will sign Strasburg? Do you really think, he'll want to play here with this disaster?


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