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Scott Boras On Stephen Strasburg And The Washington Nationals.

Scott Boras Talks Nationals...


Danny Simmons from out of San Diego reached out last night with some audio from a post by 619Sports' "Craig" entitled, "Boras on Strasburg, Tate" wherein he speaks to Stephen Strasburg's agent Scott Boras in a quick interview that was recorded after Strasburg agreed to a  4-year/$15M+ contract earlier this week. 


Notable Quotes:

Scott Boras: "...there was reports out that we wanted $50 million dollars, and I can assure you, our first offer was well less than half of that..."


Scott Boras: "...this is one of the few drafts where the top three best players were signed by the three worst teams. And that has not happened in baseball in a long time."


Scott Boras: (on where revenue sharing dollars are going): "...our game has to create a system whereby the revenues allocated must go equally to American players as it does foreign players."


Scott Boras: "Every ballplayer wants to play ball, and every ballplayer also has a business acumen, and the advice he receives and the information he receives allows him to be judgemental about those decisions, and our job is never to make a decision, our job really is to make sure the information is as tightly and precisely given to him so that each decision he makes is really in the end justifiable..."

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