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Washington Nationals' Garrett Mock Shook By 4-Out Inning, Colorado Rockies Win 4-1, Sweep.

Hunter Wendelstedt...Hunter Wendelstedt...Hunter Wendelstedt...Hunter...Wendelstedt...Hunter Wendelstedt...Oh, that's where I remember him from: 

7/26/07 - Philadelphia, PA.

"Home Plate Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt was wrong. Washington lefty John Lannan was in the middle of his MLB debut on the mound on July 26th, starting against Philadelphia, and Lannan had just hit both Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in succession in the fifth inning of a game the Phillies were leading 3-2 at the time. Utley and Howard had singled and homered, respectively, in their previous at bats, but it was fairly obvious that Lannan was just wild inside.

"Hunter Wendelstedt didn't agree, and John Lannan was tossed out of his MLB debut, quickly followed by the Nationals' Manager Manny Acta, who vociferously objected to the overreaction of the Umpire."

8/20/09 - Washington, D.C.

DC right-hander Garrett Mock threw four scoreless frames against the Colorado Rockies tonight, retiring the first 10 batters he faced before a one-out single in the fourth by Ryan Spilborghs broke the streak, but even after a two-out walk, Mock recovered to strike out Brad Hawpe with a 3-2 change. Then in the fifth, after recording his sixth K to start the inning, Mock gave up a one-out walk to Clint Barmes and single to Yorvit Torrealba, before striking out the Rockies' pitcher Jason Hammel and, seemingly, the leadoff hitter Carlos Gonzalez, who K'd swinging over a full-count chan-- or maybe not? Home Plate Ump Hunter Wendelstedt changes his call just as Garrett Mock reaches the dugout. Foul tip. Foul tip? There was no foul tip. The replays were conclusive, the only thing the ball hit was the ground as it dove out of the air, but Carlos Gonzalez is given a second chance and he sends a flair out to left that scores the game's first run and moves Colorado's catcher to third. Garrett Mock gets a visit from pitching coach Steve McCatty and then uncorks a wild pitch in the next AB to allow Torrealba to score from third. 2-0 Rockies after five innings. 

The Nationals managed just two hits through the first five and they managed just one run the whole night, which temporarily cut the Rockies' 2-0 lead in half, but 2-1 was as close as Washington would get. Colorado adds two in the eighth off DC right-hander Jason Bergmann, and they cruise to the 4-1 lead and the series sweep. Garrett Mock goes 5.0 innings, allows 3 hits, 3 walks and 2 ER, striking out 8 and losing for the first time in 4 August starts. Rockies' right-hander Jason Hammel wins his eighth game (8-7), and gives up 3 hits, 2 walks and 1 ER in 7.0 innings pitched. Colorado takes three straight in DC. The Nationals drop six of their last nine after an eight-game win streak. 

Rockies win, 4-1 final. 

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• E: 107.

• E: 108.

For The Completists, Full Game Report After The JUMP...

Nationals now 43-78. (Countdown To 100 Losses Stands At...22)


• E: 107.

Cristian Guzman charges on a grounder from Rockies' catcher Yorvit Torrealba and comes up empty allowing the runner on with two outs in the seventh. OUTCOME: DC lefty Sean Burnett strikes out the pitcher Jason Hammel with a 1-2 slider that breaks in left to right across the plate. 

• E: 108.

With the Rockies up 3-1, Troy Tulowitzki stands on second after doubling in Colorado's third run, and with two outs in the eighth, Tyler Clippard gives up a single to right by Brad Hawpe that might score Tulowitzki, unless...Elijah Dukes charges and he's loading up to thro...Dukes misses it...OUTCOME: Tulowitzki scores, 4-1 Rockies, Ian Stewart K's swinging to end the inning.


Colorado Rockies At Washington Nationals. Game 121 Of 162. 


The Washington Nationals are wearing their patriotic blue alternate jerseys with the interlocking star-spangled DC logo. The Colorado Rockies are in the away grays with purple pinstripes. Nationals’ right-hander Garrett Mock drops a 1-2 change on Carlos Gonzalez to get a swinging strike three. Ryan Spilborghs sends a slow hopper to third and Ryan Zimmerman throws a slow hopper to Adam Dunn at first. Todd Helton pops up over third to end the top of the first...Nyjer Morgan sends a slow roller to short for Troy Tulowitzki to handle. Cristian Guzman swings at the first pitch from Jason Hammel and grounds out to second. Ryan Zimmerman swings at a high two-strike fastball that he tips into Rockies’ catcher Yorvit Torrealba's glove. 


Troy Tulowitzki pops out to Adam Dunn foul of first. Garrett Mock throws a two-strike change by Brad Hawpe. Ian Stewart gets the same, two-strike change and a K...Adam Dunn still doesn’t think the low outside corner counts, backwards K. Elijah Dukes and Josh Willingham hit back to back fly balls to left to end the second...Garrett Mock retires the Rockies in order in the third, Clint Barmes flies out, Yorvit Torrealba grounds out and pitcher Jason Hammel K’s swinging over a two-strike curve...Josh Bard grounds to second for the first out of DC’s third. Alberto Gonzalez grounds to short. Garrett Mock grounds to first, three quick innings in the books. 


Cristian Guzman throws out Carlos Gonzalez to start the fourth. Ryan Spilborghs singles to left center with one down. Garrett Mock pops up Todd Helton for the second out and then walks Tulowitzki with two down. Brad Hawpe gets the change from Mock and he K’s like the rest of them...Nyjer Morgan grounds out to Barmes at second. Cristian Guzman slaps a high pitch out to left for out No. 2. Ryan Zimmerman takes a four pitch walk and moves to second on a line drive single by Dunn. Josh Willingham spins one out to third and Ian Stewart can’t barehand it. Bases loaded for Elijah Dukes. Dukes rips a grounds toward short, Ian Stewart makes a diving stab and a throw to second for the force. 


Garrett Mock throws a high two-strike heater by Ian Stewart. Mock walks Clint Barmes. Yorvit Torrealba muscles a fastball inside and high out to right. Mock gets Jason Hammel to foul off a two-strike bunt attempt for out No.2. Carlos Gonzalez K’s...or not? The Ump, Hunter Wendelstedt....Hunter Wendelstedt...Hunter...changes his call, and Gonzalez ends up hitting an RBI blooper to left. Double for Gonzalez, 1-0 Rockies. Mock throws a wild pitch to Spilborghs and Torrealba scores from third. 2-0 Colorado. Mock K’s Spilborghs to end it...Josh Bard flies out to left to start the fifth. Alberto Gonzalez flies to Hawpe in right. Jorge Padilla rips a grounder to third, Ian Stewart makes a backhand stab and a jumping throw that beats the runner.


Sean Burnett replaces Garrett Mock for the sixth. Helton chops one straight down that Bard handles. Troy Tulowitzki grounds out to short. Burnett gets Brad Hawpe staring at a two-strike curve to end the Rockies’ sixth..Nyjer Morgan takes a leadoff walk from Jason Hammel. Cristian Guzman grounds sharply to Barmes at second, who gets Morgan at second on the force. Ryan Zimmerman up, Guzman steals second. Ryan Zimmerman grounds out to short. Guzman takes third. Adam Dunn pulls a low fastball outside to right for an RBI double and a 2-1 game. Josh Willingham flies out to center to end the sixth.


Sean Burnett blows Ian Stewart away with a two-strike bender that drops across the plate. Clint Barmes grounds out to short. Cristian Guzman comes up empty on a grounder from Torrealba, but he gets Hammel swinging to end the Rockies’ seventh...Elijah Dukes K’s swinging at a two-strike curve over the middle of the plate. Josh Bard rolls a weak grounder out to first. Alberto Gonzalez grounds to short. 


Sean Burnett dives on his knees to field a bunt and tosses to first to get Carlos Gonzalez. Burnett’s done, Jason Bergmann’s on. Cristian Guzman fires to first to get Spilborghs. Todd Helton almost takes Jason Bergmann’s hand off with a line drive single to center. Troy Tulowitzki lines to right center to score Helton from first, 3-1 Rockies. Tyler Clippard vs Brad Hawpe. Hawpe grounds through second, Dukes charges but misplays it, Tulowitzki scores, 4-1 Rockies. Ian Stewart K’s chasing to end the top of th eighth...Rafael Betancourt vs Willie Harris to start the bottom of the frame. Betancourt hits the outside edge with a fastball outside that’s called strike three. Nyjer Morgan fouls strike three into Torrealba’s glove. Cristian Guzman singles on a fly ball that lands inside the line halfway to the wall in left. Ryan Zimmerman K’s swinging through a two-strike fastball from Betacourt. 4-1 Rockies after eight. 


Tyler Clippard’s back and he throws a 90 mph heater by Barmes to start the frame. Torrealba grounds up the middle, Guzman fields behind second and throws. Garrett Atkins flies to left to end Colorado’s ninth...Adam Dunn vs Huston Street. Ryan Spilborghs pulls a long fly off the wall to rob Dunn of extra bases. Josh Willingham K’s chasing curves. Elijah Dukes hits a check-swing grounder back to the mound to end the game. Rockies win, 4-1 final. 


Nationals now 43-78.