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Game 123: Losses only look a little better from the $$$ seats



  • Yaaaaay! Ronnie Belliard hits teh granneh! (+0.196)
  • Boooooo! John Lannan has a g0at-tastic outing (-0.371)

Boy, another exciting game that ended the wrong way.  Saul Rivera managed to get more WPA at the plate (+0.067) than he did on the mound (+0.065)--well done on both accounts.  Nyjer Morgan (+0.125) also did well at the dish, but Ryan Zimmerman (-0.122), Alberto Gonzalez (-0.130), and Jorge Padilla (-0.121) combined to provide as much of teh suk at the plate as Lannan did from the rubber.  Get 'em tomorrow, guys.