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Nationals News: An Offensive Resurgence Edition

  Some quick food for thought: when the Nationals have scored four or more runs, they've gone just 36-35, but when they've allowed four or fewer runs, they've gone 35-18. The Nationals' offense is potent, and is more than up to the task -- if the defense decides to play. Unfortunately, that's a big 'if.' GM Mike Rizzo (man, it feels nice to type that) understands the need for better defense, and has begun to stockpile young, promising arms, in the hopes that some of them will mature into bona fide big league pitchers and to trade for players with greater defensive range (see: Nyjer Morgan). It's only a matter of time, Nats fans, until this team is competitive.

  Nationals outfielder Roger Bernadina, who fractured his ankle earlier this season, will not come back this season as his rehab has taken longer than originally hoped.

  MLBTradeRumors assembled a list of all the first rounders that signed and the money they signed for. Not surprisingly, the Nationals signed Stephen Strasburg for more than double what the next highest paid player received.

  On the "good long-term news" front, a number of Nationals were named in the 'Best Tools' survey by Baseball America.

  Steven at FJB asked manager Jim Riggleman about his treatment (ruining?) of Kerry Wood, and was less than satisfied with the answer he got.

  Phillie's second baseman Eric Bruntlett turned an unassisted game-ending triple play yesterday, becoming only the second player to do so, and the first National League player ever.