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Nationals News: Return to (Below-Average) Normalcy Edition

  It's an awfully slow day for Nationals news, so I'm not going to say anything other than it's been tough to watch the Nationals lately... the Strasburg honeymoon is wearing off, so it's time to get back to baseball, boys. Unfortunately, things don't get easier until the end of this month, with a series at Chicago and then one at St. Louis, before heading out to San Diego on the 31st. Oh, and Riggleman has to prove that he deserves to be around next year.

  The Harrisburg/Hershey area, home to the Hershey Bears, a Caps farm team, and the Harrisburg Senators, the Nats' AA affiliate, was ranked the number one minor-league market by Sports Business Journal.

  It appears that there is friction between Nats' former draft pick and the Royals, the team that drafted him this year.