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Nationals News: Lovin' Livan Edition

  In his first start for the Nationals (this year) Livan Hernandez pitched well, allowing just two runs on five hits over six innings. When Hernandez left, the game was tied; by the end of the 7th the Nats were down one and by the end of the eighth they were down seven (funny how these things happen when the bullpen gets the call). Hernandez has a great attitude, no matter what happens:

  "Always I think I would come back one day. And when I got released and I got a chance to come back, I said, 'Yeah, it's my first choice. I'll be there.' It's something, I feel proud when I put the hat today and the uniform. Trust me, it's very nice. You want to do something and it happened today, it's a dream come true."

  A dream come true? And he's talking about the Nationals? Hernandez's is the kind of attitude I love to see, and I certainly hope that he's around next season.

  The Nats are planning to rotate pitchers through two starting spots come September, allowing them to see more of what their current pitchers can do.


  Nick Johnson, former Nationals first baseman, has been put on the DL in Florida. I like the guy, but I must say I'm not too surprised by this news.

  FJB argues that John Lannan is a better 4 or 5 hole starter, rather than 1-3. He's been good lately, but maybe he's just been lucky.