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Game 105: Dibs' indirect shout-out to FB = WIN!



  • Yaaaay! Josh Willingham jacks a two-run bomb to put the Nats ahead 3-2. (+0.309)

  • Booooo!  Collin Balester gives up a two-run shot to put the Nats behind 2-1 (-0.185)

  • teh her0: Hammertime! (+0.412)

  • teh g0at: Nyjer Morgan (-0.162)

Remember, kids, you start with a 50% chance of winning, and the WPA adds up to +0.5 for a win, -0.5 for a loss.  The Hammer won this game all by himself, practically.  An exciting game with the correct outcome (finally).  Giving shout-outs to knuckleheads from is a clear jinx-breaker.