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Nationals News, 6-4 in the Last 10 Edition

  With last night's win, the Nationals moved to 6-4 in their last 10 games, playing above .500 in their last 10 games in at least as long as I can remember. Under Riggleman, they've gone 8-11, and if we forget about the first series against the Cubs (let's count those losses as growing pains) they've gone 8-7! The bullpen is starting to figure it out (Tyler Clippard has a 2.52 ERA, Sean Burnett has a .71 ERA), the starting fielders for next year have more or less been decided, and young starting pitchers are being given their chance to throw for the Nationals. The team we're seeing now are not at all the same team we saw the first half of the season, but they are the team we'll be seeing next season. Putting them together now gives them time to grow and hopefully means more wins next season.

  No news on the Strasburg front since ESPN's report that the negotiations weren't close. Of course, Scott Boras represents the top three draft picks this season (Stephen Strasburg, Dustin Ackley and Donavan Tate) and none of those discussions are "close."

  Josh Willingham was named National League co-player of the week, along with Tim Lincecum. I don't know who this Lincecum guy is, but he should be honored to be named with Willingham.

  Jesus Valdez, outfielder for the Potomac Nationals, was named Carolina League batter of the week, giving the Potomac Nationals three such honors in a row.

  More Hardball reports that Ron Villone has played for 12 teams in 15 seasons. According to my research, that ties him for the record...?

  Nationals Pride praises Drew Storen for signing his contract quickly, and getting into the game the same season, unlike Strasburg.