What's Left of the Expos

Only three players on the current 25-man roster appeared with the team in 2005: Ryan Zimmerman, Cristian Guzman and Jason Bergmann. Guzman was signed as a free agent in November 2004, becoming the first (marginally) high-profile player to join the Washington franchise. Zimmerman was a first-round pick in June 2005, but made it to the big leagues that same season, debuting on Sept. 1. Bergmann debuted on Aug. 28 of that year, and ended up pitching in 15 games.

"I was the last Expo," said Bergmann, who saved his Montreal uniform as a keepsake. "I pitched in an Expo uniform in [minor league] fall ball."

"I was an Expo, too," Balester said, proudly volunteering the information. "Drafted in 2004."

...only three or four employees have been with the organization since 2002.

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