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Game 109: Hip, Hip, JorGE!!



  • Yaaaay! Elijah Dukes goes yard to tie it at 8-8 (+0.231)
  • Yaaaaaay! Ronnie Belliard's RBI single puts the Nats ahead! (+0.211)
  • teh Her0s: Belli-YARD (+0.271), SooperDooks (+0.255), Ryan Zimmerman (+0.251)
  • h0n0rable menti0n: "Hip Hip" Jorge Sosa (+0.194)

No goats or boos today.  Stammen didn't pitch well, but we got another terrific come-from-behind win with some surprisingly-solid bullpen work and an outpouring of offense.  Go Natioooooonals! (Nats now .500 in the Riggleman Era.  RIGGLER!!)

Edited to add:

"Still predict a comeback win...lots of time for a high scoring affair... " by Ed Chigliak on Aug 6, 2009 1:14 PM  (Win Expectancy about 5-6% at the time... BELIEVE!) (H/t: CD3K)