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Jim Riggleman's Decisions All Wrong This Time, New York Mets 3, Washington Nationals 2.

It's frustrating when you see how a game's going to be decided the moment you look at the starting lineup. That's not to say that I, or anyone else here at knew that David Wright would double over Ian Desmond's head in right field in the seventh and then score the winning run when Jeff Francoeur followed with the second-straight two-bagger off DC lefty John Lannan, but our immediate reactions upon seeing the starter's names posted pretty much says it all...

12:36 pm EST - ROSCOEtheNATSfan - Citing Washington Post writer Chico Harlan's "Lineups with a little surprise":

ROSCOEtheNATSfan: "From NJ, Dez in RF:

  1. Willie Harris - CF
  2. Cristian Guzman - SS
  3. Ryan Zimmerman- 3B
  4. Adam Dunn - 1B
  5. Josh Willingham - LF
  6. Pete Orr - 2B
  7. Ian Desmond - RF
  8. Josh Bard - C
  9. John "Cool Hand" Lannan - Eating 40 Eggs, (I mean SP)

– "...speechless..." - cat daddy3000 

– "Desmond In What??? Riggles!!!!" - Ed Chigliak

– "I'd like to experiment with Riggles coaching third in Kansas City" - cat daddy3000.

– "Is there something wrong with Dukes?" - Ed Chigliak

– "Orr has played RF before, what gives?" - ROSCOEtheNATSfan

Find Out The Answers To The Following ?'s After The JUMP...

• Why did Riggleman start Desmond in right?

• Why do call the DC Faithful call him Cy Redding?

• No Love For Lannan.

• "Game 148: Lannan's efficiency no match for Cy Redding" - Doghouse.

• Mets win, 3-2 final.

Nationals now 51-97.

• Why did Riggleman start Desmond in right?

..."ROSCOE" noted that MASN Pregame Host Ray Knight didn't like the idea of Desmond in right, and, if you didn't guess, the "surprise" Washington Post writer Chico Harlan referred to in the title of his post, was the fact that Desmond would be starting in right, and immediately after putting up the lineup, Mr. Harlan wrote, "Check out that lineup; It's not a misprint." DC Manager Jim Riggleman explained the thinking behind starting Desmond, who had never played the outfield professionally, in right field to Mr. Harlan in the article:

"Q: Why is Ian Desmond playing right field today?

"Well, a couple things. One, indirectly, it's trying to get Pete Orr in the ballgame. Tomorrow Maine is pitching; lefties have had a real hard time with him, so I'm trying to keep Pete a little bit sharp, play him today and Guzy today. So to keep Ian in there, it pretty much had to be right field today. I talked to Elijah some time ago about, he's pretty much going to be playing three out of four days with a day off. Today's the day off."

So they wanted to see Desmond get some at bats I guess, since he's not being considered as an outfielder as far as I know, but then why leave him out there late in a close game, (tied 2-2 in the 7th) and risk having a young kid make a costly error? Here's DC Manager Jim Riggleman's late game thinking according to Washington Post writer Chico Harlan in his post game report entitled, "Mets 3, Nats 2":

"Had the Nationals taken the lead in the top of the seventh, Riggleman actually planned to switch Desmond to second base, placing Pete Orr on the bench and sending Elijah Dukes to right. But with the game tied, he wanted to keep Orr's left-handed bat in the lineup, so he stuck with Desmond in right."

I guess Riggleman's a real BIG fan of Pete Orr. So Pete Orr goes 0 for 4 with a K and 2 LOB, Desmond goes 0 for 4 and makes a game-changing mistake in a position he's NEVER PLAYED BEFORE and it directly results in the winning run crossing...That's 0 for 2 Mr. Riggleman. You're benched for tomorrow, OK?

• Why do call the DC Faithful call him Cy Redding?

Tim Redding, who began the game today with a (2-6) record and a 5.52 ERA in 101.1 IP, having won just one of his last seven starts, and one game overall since his first win of '09 on June 22nd, held the Nationals to one hit and one walk over the first six innings of this afternoon's game in New York. The seventh didn't go as well for Redding, who gave up a leadoff single to Cristian Guzman and a one-out RBI hit to Adam Dunn to make it 1-1 five innings after the Mets scored the game's first run on an RBI single by Daniel Murphy in the second. Redding gets out of the seventh with the game still tied.

• No Love For Lannan.

John "Cool Hand" Lannan gave up a leadoff double to Jeff Francoeur in the second, and gave up the only run he allowed in the first six innings one out later when Daniel Murphy's RBI single made it 1-0 NY after two. Lannan held the Mets scoreless long enough for the Nationals to tie it up in the top of the seventh, and if either Pete Orr or Ian Desmond had been able to knock Adam Dunn in from second after Dunn's game-tying single and a walk to Josh Willingham, according to what DC Manager Jim Riggleman told the Washington Post's Chico Harlan, Desmond would have taken over for Orr at second, with Elijah Dukes entering the game in right...but the Nationals didn't take the lead, so Desmond and Orr stayed where they were...and Lannan paid the price. 

Lannan gives up a leadoff double to David Wright that's a double only because Ian Desmond misjudges it so badly as to not even come close, and Jeff Francoeur follows with the RBI double to break the 1-1 tie. One out after the tying run's knocked in by Frenchy's hit, Francoeur scores when Nationals' first baseman Adam Dunn misplays what should be the second out of the inning on a grounder to first from Daniel Murphy. E: 127, OUTCOME - 3-1 Mets lead after seven. The Nationals add a run in the eighth when Josh Bard hits a leadoff double off Redding to chase the Mets' starter after he's thrown 98 pitches, 67 for strikes over 7.0 IP in which he gives up 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 ER and 2 walks while striking out 4 Nationals' batters. Bard's pinch runner Jorge Padilla scores on an error by Mets' pitcher Sean Green, but K-Rod, Francisco Rodriguez comes out for the ninth and puts the Nationals down in order to preserve the one-run lead. Mets win, 3-2 final. Mets clinch at least a tie in the season series with Washington. 

Nationals now 51-97.