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Rock Bottom: Washington Nationals Drop 99th, 14-2 To Los Angeles Dodgers.

• SHAKE N BAKE!!! Washington Nationals’ fans have been waiting for 7 games for Adam Dunn to hit his 38th HR of ‘09, and he jacked it to right off LA starter Hiroki Kuroda for a two-run blast that put the Nationals up 2-1 over the Dodgers after three tonight in DC. The lead would last just four batters...

• DC starter Livan Hernandez doesn’t make it out of the fourth. The Nationals’ slow-pitching right-hander gives up back-to-back singles to James Loney and Casey Blake, and then a third to Ronnie Belliard, who singles to center to score Loney and tie it at 2-2. Belliard takes second when Willie Harris misplays his hit for the Nationals' 128th Error of 2009. E: 128...After walking Russell Martin to load the bases, Elijah Dukes catches a foul ball from Dodgers’ starter Hiroki Kuroda and fires back in to hold the runner at third, but Rafael Furcal opens the floodgates with a two-run double to left. Eithier singles in the 5th run, 5-2. E:129 - On the throw in when it gets by home and allows Furcal to take second. Manny Ramirez walks and Furcal scores on Matt Kemp’s single. 6-2 Livan’s done. Marco Estrada comes on and gives up a two-run double to score the last two Livan let on. 8-2 and it’s over...5 singles, two walks and a double, with all but the double off Livan Hernandez. Mr. National Himself goes just 3.2 IP, throwing 84 pitches, 43 for strikes and allowing 8 hits, 4 walks and 8 ER...


Dodgers win, 14-2.

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Full Game Report After The JUMP...

Nationals now 51-99. (Countdown To 100 Losses Stands At...1)



LA starter Hiroki Kuroda throws 81 pitches, 52 for strikes over 6.0 IP in which he allows just 4 hits and 2 ER, both on Dunn's HR.

• Ronnie Belliard - 2 for 3, with 2 runs scored, a double (12), and an RBI (37).

• E: 130 - LA seventh, Ian Desmond pulls up short on a high-hopper from James Loney and the ball jumps on him and flies into right. Casey Blake makes Desmond regret the error even more when he follows with a two-run HR to left-center off DC reliever Saul Rivera. 10-2 Dodgers...It only gets worse...Rivera gives up a double to Ronnie Belliard, hits Russell Martin and surrenders a base-loading single to the opposing pitcher. 12-2. DC lefty Victor Garate gives up an RBI single and a walk and he gets lifted, and Zach Segovia comes on and gives up a sac fly and an RBI groundout to put the National down by 12, 14-2.


Los Angeles Dodgers At Washington Nationals. Game 150 Of 162.

Rafael Furcal singles under a diving(falling) Adam Dunn and into right to start the game. Furcal’s running when DC righty Livan Hernandez issues the first walk of the night to Andre Ethier. Manny Ramirez flies out to Willie Harris a few steps in front of the track in center. Furcal takes third. Matt Kemp rips a one-hopper to short, Cristian Guzman goes down to get it, backhands, shuffles to second, Ian Desmond to Dunn double play...Willie Harris lifts the first out to Andre Ethier in left. LA right-hander Hiroki Kuroda gets Cristian Guzman looking with a 2-2 two-seamer that bends Guzman’s knees and breaks in for strike three. Ryan Zimmerman singles to left to bring Adam Dunn up with two down. Dunn walks. Josh Willingham K’s swinging at a 3-2 fastball that comes in high and tight.

James Loney leads off for LA in the second. Cristian Guzman slides, backhands, pops up and throws to first for the first out. Casey Blake rolls the second out to Adam Dunn at first. Ronnie Belliard walks with two down. Russell Martin grounds to Guzman at short to end the Dodgers’ second...Elijah Dukes drills one into Casey Blake’s gut, but Blake throws to first, in time. Josh Bard chops down on a fastball outside and drives it through short. Ian Desmond flies out to Matt Kemp in center. Livan Hernandez K’s swinging and laughs about it with the Ump.

Cristian Guzman throws out Kuroda on a weak grounder to short. Rafael Furcal doubles off the out-of-town scoreboard, Dukes gets it back in to hold him there. Andre Ethier pops out to Guzman in short left. Manny Ramirez knocks Furcal in, reaching down and driving a low inside two-strike change by Zimmerman at third for an RBI double. 1-0 LA. Kemp grounds out in front of the plate...Willie Harris chops one straight down and is thrown out by the catcher. Guzman grounds back to Kuroda, who throws to first from his knees. Rafael Furcal fields Zimmerman’s grounder, but it pops out of his glove. Adam Du---SHAKE N BAKE!! SHAKE N BAKE!!! Adam Dunn finally hits #38, deeeep to left and into the bullpen, 2-1 DC on Dunn’s dinger. Josh Willingham K’s swinging through another fastball.

James Loney singles off Livan Hernandez to start the fourth. Back-to-back singles, with Loney running, Blake lines to center. Ronnie Belliard knocks Loney in with a sliced line drive to center, 2-2 ballgame, Willie Harris misplays it and Belliard takes second. Russell Martin gets the intentionals to bring Kuroda up. The Dodgers’ pitcher fouls out toward right field, Elijah Dukes catches it at the wall and fires back in to hold Blake at third. Rafael Furcal goes with a fastball outside and lines to left, Blake scores, Belliard beats the throw in from Willingham, which gets by home, Furcal to second. 4-2 LA. Andre Ethier knocks in a run with a groundout, 5-2, two down. Manny Ramirez walks. Matt Kemp singles to center to score Furcal. 6-2 Livan is done. Marco Estrada comes on with two out and two on, and gives up a double to Loney, off the out-of-town to drive in two more, 8-2. Casey Blake mercifully K's...Elijah Dukes grounds out to Furcal. Josh Bard pulls the second out to right where Ethier makes the catch, and Ian Desmond’s pop fly to second ends DC’s fourth.

Ronnie Belliard pops out foul of third, Zimmerman makes the catch. Russell Martin singles with one down to bring up Kuroda. Kuroda’s sac bunt moves Martin up. Rafael Furcal’s groundout to short ends the frame...Jorge Padilla grounds out in a pinch hit appearance. Willie Harris bounces a fly off the out-of-town scoreboard for a one-out triple. Guzman grounds back to the mound, Harris gets caught trying to sneak home, Kuroda throws to the plate and Russell applies the tag. Ryan Zimmerman’s punched out on a check swing.

Ian Desmond throws to first on a leadoff groundout by Ethier. Manny Ramirez grounds out to short. Cristian Guzman dives to his right to rob Matt Kemp on a low liner...Adam Dunn takes a leadoff walk which Willingham erases with a DP grounder. Elijah Dukes’ groundout ends the sixth.

Ian Desmond commits the third error of the game for DC on a high chopper by James Loney that scoots by his backhand and into right. Casey Blake’s two-run HR to left center compounds the error. 10-2 LA. Ronnie Belliard doubles on a hanging bender, driving it by third base into left. Saul Rivera hits Russell Martin and surrenders another single to load the bases before getting yanked. Rafael Furcal grounds back up the middle off Victor Garate, who gives up a two-run single. 12-2 LA. Juan Pierre walks and Garate is out. Jason Repko flies to right off Zack Segovia for a sac fly and a 13-2 lead. Matt Kemp. Kemp scores a run with a grounder to short, Guzman takes the force at second, 14-2. James Loney grounds toward second, Ian Desmond charges and picks up his glove so Dunn can take it and Dunn’s surprised and can’t field it. Blake Dewitt grounds into a force at second to end the frame...Josh Bard likes the first pitch he sees, and he flies out to left. Justin Maxwell pops out to the infield. Willie Harris grounds to first, Loney dives, gets it and throws to the pitcher, Ronald Belisario to end the seventh.

Ian Desmond throws to first on a weak grounder from Jim Thome. Backup catcher A.J. Ellis pops out to the infield. Zach Segovia gets Chin-lung Hu swinging to end LA’s eighth...Clayton Kershaw’s on in the bottom of the eighth. Cristian Guzman flies out to Repko in right. Pinch Hittin’ Pete Orr K’s swinging through a 2-2 heater. Mike Morse swings through another fastball. 14-2 LA after eight.

Logan Kensing vs Juan Castro. Castro grounds out to short. Juan Pierre grounds back to the mound. Jason Repko grounds out to short...Alberto Gonzalez K’s on a ball in the dirt, which he neglects to run out. Elijah Dukes takes a one-out walk from Kershaw. Josh Bard takes strike three on a fastball high and outside. Ian Desmond chops one back to Kershaw on the mound, Kershaw bounces the throw to first, but ends it.

Nationals now 51-99.