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Not TONIGHT!! Washington Nationals Avoid 100th Loss, Beat L.A. Dodgers 5-4.

The Washington Nationals enter play tonight 51-99...on the verge of their second-straight 100-loss season...

• Rosswiler - After he gave up a leadoff single to Rafael Furcal, Ross Detwiler had the Dodgers’ shortstop picked off first, but Furcal took off and beat the throw to second from Adam Dunn when DC’s SS Cristian Guzman was late to the bag. Furcal moved to third on a groundout by Ronnie Belliard and scored on an RBI groundout by Andre Ethier when he should’ve been out picked off first...1-0 LA.

• SSSSUPER DUKESSSS - The Dodgers almost blew the game wide open in the fourth when Ronnie Belliard reached on a sharp grounder to short and Ross Detwiler issued a one-out to Andre Ethier and a two-out walk to James Loney to load the bases for Russell Martin. Martin lined to right to score Belliard and Ethier took the turn around third, (Don’t do it, Andre! Don’t!!)...Elijah SSSSSUPER DUKESSSS fields coming in and fires home, Josh Bard catches it, reaches across the plate forces Ethier outside and makes the tag, "You’rrrrrrre OUT!!!" yells the Ump!!! 2-0 LA. 

• Blinded By The Lights...Top of the sixth, Ross Detwiler gives up a leadoff line drive double to Ronnie Belliard, but Detwiler gets the next two before intentionally walking Matt Kemp. Two on, two out for James Loney, Loney lines out to lef--Willie Harris charges in but loses it in the lights, Harris shields his eyes and has the ball drop between his legs into the grass. Belliard scores, 3-0 LA.

• THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!! Ryan Zimmerman gives DC a chance to avoid 100-losses for one more night. LA righty Chad Billingsley’s walk-filled no-hitter is broken up with two down in the bottom of the sixth when Zimmerman steps in after a two-out walk to Adam Dunn with Mike Morse already on having walked to start the frame. Billingsley starts Zim with a curve high in the zone and Zimm---THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! Ryan Zimmerman hits a line drive to left and GONE!!! 3-run HR, 3-3 game after six...


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Nationals now...Can Washington Avoid Loss #100?

For Some Reason, Jim Riggleman? - Mike MacDougal, Nationals' closer, was called upon in the eighth and out of his element, the "occasionally" wild Scotsman does his best to blow it up....Leadoff walk to the Dodgers' Left-Fielder. MacDougal rears back and hurls a 97 mph 1-2 heater by Matt Kemp, but James Loney singles to right moving the LA LF to third. 1-2 fastball to Russell Martin, Martin lines to--ADAM DUNN! Dunn catches it, steps on second, double play the hard way and it's 3-3 after seven and a half. 

The Guzzz Hates You! - Cristian Guzman started the eighth with a single, and took second when Manny Ramirez and Matt Kemp both pulled up and let a pop fly from Adam Dunn fall between them...First and second for Elijah Dukes...Cristian Guzman had heroic thoughts as he rounded third on the one-out groundout Elijah Dukes which had double play written all over it with Dunn running from first, but Elijah Dukes busted *** and so did the Guz, and when much-maligned LA infielder Orlando Hudson's throw pulled James Loney off first, Dukes was safe, and the Guzzzzz took advantage of the error at first and slid in safe just ahead of Loney's throw home!!! 4-3 DC after eight.

And Now Move Over To Second, Guz!!! or E: 131, E: 132 - Mike MacDougal's back out in the ninth to close out his own win, and he gives up a hotshot to short off Hudson's bat, Guzman fields deep in the hole and throws to first, but it hops on Dunn, (whereas Nick John...sorry!) and Dunn bobbles it and trips Hudson in the process, though the runner's safe. (E: 131). Hudson's replaced on the basepaths by Jason Repko, and Repko's soon standing on third after Jim Thome's-for-hire-single. MacDougal walks Rafael Furcal, to load the bases with no outs. Ronnie Belliard, the former National, grounds to his pal Guzman at short, Guzman throws home...but wiiiiide...Repko scores, 4-4 ballgame. (E: 132). Sean Burnett gets Ethier swinging. Saul Rivera takes care (somehow) of LA's left fielder and Matt Kemp...(somehow = a groundout to Guzman from the LA LF and a good throw home this time and a liner from Kemp to the same frustrated shortstop.) and it's on to DC's ninth...

Maxwell, Justin Maxwell!!! 

DC outfielder Justin Maxwell singles off Dodgers' reliever James McDonald, and takes second on a successful sac bunt from Alberto Gonzalez. What?? Maxwell steals third with Jorge Padilla at bat. Jorge Padilla walks. Pinch Hittin' Pete Orr...lines to right, Ethier...allows it to fall, Maxwell trots home. Ballgame. The Washington Nationals will not lose 100 games tonight!! The Nationals win, 5-4 final. 


Los Angeles Dodgers At Washington Nationals. Game 151 Of 162.

Rafael Furcal singles up the middle to start the Washington Nationals' 151st game of 2009. With Ronnie Belliard up, Furcal gets picked off first by Ross Detwiler, but Furcal beats the throw to second from Adam Dunn. Belliard grounds out to second, Furcal takes third. Andre Ethier’s groundout to second scores Furcal, 1-0 LA. Manny Ramirez’s groundout to third ends the Dodgers’ first...Willie Harris takes a fastball on the outside edge for a called strike three. Cristian Guzman grounds out to Orlando Hudson at second. Adam Dunn K’s swinging over a sinking fastball inside.

Matt Kemp flies out to Elijah Dukes in right. Ross Detwiler gets a sliced liner to left out of James Loney. Ryan Zimmerman throws out Russell Martin to end LA’s second...Ryan Zimmerman K’s swinging over a looping curve outside from Bilingsley. Elijah Dukes can’t beat the throw from Furcal to first on the groundout. Josh Bard pops out to the infield in a quick second.

Orlando Hudson flies out to Justin Maxwell in center. Detwiler pops up the opposing pitcher. Rafael Furcal chops at a 77mph bender and grounds out to second to end the top of the third...Justin Maxwell takes a two-strike curve and gets called out by the over-enthusiastic home plate Ump. Alberto Gonzalez grounds out to second. Billingsley gets Detwiler looking as well. 1-0 LA after three.

Cristian Guzman stabs a one-hopper off Belliard’s bat but throws wide of first rushing to get a "speedy" Belliard. Detwiler walks Andre Ethier to bring up Manny Ramirez with two on. Ramirez flies out to Dukes in right, and Dukes’ throw in holds everyone where they are. Ronnie Belliard takes third on a fly out to right from Matt Kemp. Detwiler walks James Loney, and it’s bases loaded for Russell Martin. Martin lines to right to score Belliard, and Ethier (No don’t!!) Ethier runs on Dukes and gets nailed on a perfect throw home. 2-0 after three and a half...Willie Harris K’s watching a two-strike curve all the way in. Cristian Guzman flies out to center. Adam Dunn takes a two-out walk for the Nationals’ first baserunner. Ryan Zimmerman walks to bring up Dukes with two on and two out. Billingsley keeps throwing curves til Dukes K’s chasing one out of the zone.

Orlando Hudson flies to Dukes in right. Chad Billingsley grounds weakly to short and trots toward first as Guzman fields and throws. Elijah Dukes charges and slides in on a low liner from Furcal, but the second base Ump says he trapped it. What will Belliard do with the extra out? Nothing! Detwiler picks Furcal off and this time they get him!!...Josh Bard grounds back to the mound. Justin Maxwell bounces one toward third Rafael Furcal gets it and fires to first, in time. Alberto Gonzalez takes strike three for another backwards K.

Ronnie Belliard rrrrips a line drive to left field for a leadoff double that has him thinking triple out of the box. Andre Ethier pops out behind short. Manny Ramirez moves Belliard up with a groundout to short. Detwiler issues the intentionals to Matt Kemp. James Loney lines to left, Willlie Harris tries to shade his eyes, but he loses it and it drops in front of him, Belliard scores, 3-0 LA and Detwiler’s out. Jason Bergmann pops up Russell Martin to end the top of the frame...Mike Morse walks to start the Nationals’ sixth. Willie Harris swings over an 0-2 bender low in the zone. Cristian Guzman grounds into a force at second. Adam Dunn takes a two-out walk in front of Ryan Zimmerman. Zimmerman gets a first pitch curve up high and he destroys it, THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!! HR #31 to right, 3-run blast, tie ballgame in the sixth, on ZIM's 100th RBI OF '09!!!! and Billingsley’s walk-filled no-hitter is over. Elijah Dukes grounds out to end the inning.

Tyler Clippard takes over on the mound against Orlando Hudson and issues a leadoff walk. Juan Pierre sends a dribbler toward third that Zimmerman handles. One down. Hudson to second. Justin Maxell gets to a fly ball off Furcal’s bat. Ronnie Belliard takes a two-out walk in front of Andre Ethier. Ethier pops out to end the top of the seventh...Hong-Chih Kuo on for LA. Josh Bard K’s chasing. Justin Maxwell walks with one down. Alberto Gonzalez pushes a single out to right off Kuo. Two on for pinch hitter Josh Willingham. The Hammer flies out to the wall in left, where Manny makes the catch. Maxwell takes third. Ian Desmond grounds out to Ronnie Belliard to end the seventh. Still 3-3.

Mike MacDougal’s on in the eighth and he walks Manny Ramirez to start the inning. Matt Kemps K’s swinging through a fastball. Manny Ramirez goes first to third on a one-out single to right by James Loney. Russell Martin lines to ri--Adam Dunn!! Dunn makes the catch, steps on first, double play!!!...George Sherrill takes over against Cristian Guzman in the Nationals’ eighth. The Guzzz singles to right to start the inning. Adam Dunn pops out to left cen--Kemp up, Manny pulls up, and it drops in for a single. First and second with one down. Ryan Zimmerman gets his bat shattered by Sherrill and he pops out foul of first. Elijah Dukes grounds to second, Hudson steps on the bag and throws...WIDE OF FIRST!! Loney comes off the bag!! Dukes is safe!!! Guzman comes around third and beats Loney’s throw HOME!!! 4-3 DC!!! 4-3 DC!!! Josh Bard pops out to the infield to end the eighth.

MacDougal’s back against Orlando Hudson. Hudson grounds to short, Guzman fires from deep in the hole, but the throw bounces and Dunn misses it, tripping Hudson in the process. Jim Thome singles back up the middle to move Hudson’s pinch runner, Jason Repko, to third. Rafael Furcal works the count full and walks to load the bases. Ronnie Belliard grounds weakly to third, Guzman throws home, but wide!! NO! 4-4 ballgame. MacDougal’s done. Sean Burnett gets Andre Ethier swinging for the first out. Burnett out, Saul Rivera on to get the DP. Manny Ramirez grounds to short, and this time Guzman’s throw home is true. Matt Kemp rips a line drive, right into Guzman’s glove!!! 4-4 in the ninth...Justin Maxwell vs James McDonald. Maxwell smokes a groundball by Ronnie Belliard at third. Alberto "The General" Gonzalez gets a sac bunt down to move Maxwell to second. MAXWELL STEALS THIRD!! JUST PLAIN SWIPES IT!! Jorge Padilla walks with one down. Pinch Hittin’ Pete Orr flies to right, Ethier lets it drop, Maxwell scores to win it!! Nationals win!! Nationals win. 5-4 final.

Nationals now 52-99.