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Breaking News: Aroldis Chapman Signs...With Cincinnati Reds.

(ed. note - Refresh screen for most current updates...')

2:57 pm EST

According to Yahoo!'s Jeff Passan, the news is now official:

Confirmed: LHP Aroldis Chapman agrees to five-year, $30 million contract with Cincinnati #Reds"

So let me tell you about this kid Bryce Harper....

2:43 pm EST

Toronto Globe and Mail writer Jeff Blair sent out the following Tweet just a few minutes ago:

"Hearing Aroldis Chapman to Reds is done. $30 million for five."

No official confirmation from the Reds yet...but looking likely...

2:33 pm EST's News Services, in an article entitled, "Source: Chapman close to MLB Deal", are quoting's Jorge Arangure, who says in the piece that "one source" has told him, "...the team is the Cincinnati Reds," but, the report continues:

"Chapman's representatives (as of 2:28 pm EST) said the deal is not done and would not confirm the team, but did say the Reds are 'possible.'"

2:15 pm EST 

•'s Bill Ladson reports via his Twitter account:

"I was told the #Nats did not sign Aroldis Chapman. Who signed Chapman? I don't know."

1:30 pm EST

 Yahoo!'s Jeff Passan confirms the original Tweet in an article this afternoon entitled, "Source: Chapman to sign with NL Team", where he writes simply that Chapman, "...agreed Sunday morning to sign for $30 million with a National League team, according to a source close the negotiations."

It's looking more and more (if you believe Mr. Passan's sources) like it won't be the Washington Nationals adding Chapman...More info when it's available...

Previous Updates after the JUMP...

12:30 pm EST

• Yahoo!'s Jeff Passan (or someone using that name, status not confirmed) started off on Twitter this morning with a Tweet that has anyone who's been tracking the Aroldis Chapman chase up and searching airline departures out of Ft. Lauderdale International Airport with the following message:

"Cuban LHP Aroldis Chapman agrees to $30M deal with National League team, according to source. Left Ft. Lauderdale airport this a.m. to sign.

That was at around 12:30 pm EST. Since then Mr. Passan has updated the original message with Tweets which read:

"Narrowed it down: It's an NL Central team. Cincinnati making more and more sense. Reds 'going after him like crazy,' team source said."


"Non-stop Delta flight left FLL for Cincinnati at 9:20 this morning. Another source said $30 million deal is for five years."

to be continued....uh above...