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Mark McGwire: A Federal Special Comment.

Federal Special Comment*:

Mr. McGwire, throughout the history of this great game, many hitters have possessed the power to launch awe-inspiring home runs out of the park, but maybe none as prolific as yourself, with or without the benefit of PED's. I followed along as you shattered one benchmark after another, not completely unaware of the fact that as you rewrote the record book, things were possibly not as they seemed. "I'm happy that you made the statement you did yesterday, but I cannot agree with most of my colleagues who have expressed the opinion that what you've done is commendable." (ed. note - "OK, so maybe not everyone is praising your performance yesterday, in fact some are saying you just made it worse, but at least Hank Aaron has openly forgiven you.") What you have done, however, in addition to tarnishing your personal legacy, is to destroy over a hundred years of baseball history, and forever call into question an entire era of a sport. I am glad that you finally unburdened yourself, and hope that any personal torment you've suffered might somehow be relieved, but I cannot say that I'm in any way impressed by what you have finally done..."You see, I don't think an adult of your intelligence ought to be commended for simply, at long last, telling the truth."

(ed. note - " * = Borrowing liberally from a speech in the film 'Quiz Show'.")