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Washington Nationals: Midday Links And Tweets.


It's only one word, and it's an opinion that's dependent upon the player being discussed staying healthy throughout Spring Training and proving that he's lived up to the faith that's been placed in him, but it was nice to read, in's Ben Goessling's interview with DC Skipper Jim Riggleman entitled, "A Q and A with Jim Riggleman", the Nationals' Manager's response when asked if, as things stand right now, Elijah Dukes starts the season as the everyday right fielder:


In a follow-up question Mr. Goessling asks the Nats' Manager if he thinks Dukes can finally put together the full-season effort fans (scouts and coaches) having been waiting for from the gifted outfielder, and Mr. Riggleman, who has developed a relationship with Dukes from the first day he took over for former manager Manny Acta tells the writer, "Any player who's his age, they're working toward the prime of their career, age-wise. He's going to be hitting his stride." Here's hoping Riggleman's right.


• Nationals Will Wash Sheets...I Mean Watch.

• Bugs And Cranks Say Rockies Should Be Cranky.


• Nationals Will Wash Sheets...I Mean Watch.'s Bill Ladson sent out a Tweet this morning announcing that representatives of the Washington Nationals would be in attendance tomorrow afternoon when free agent pitcher Ben Sheets holds a throwing session to prove to prospective teams that he is in fact fully recovered from surgery to repair a torn flexor tendon in his right elbow:

"I just learned the #Nats are sending scouts to Monroe, La. to watch RHP Ben Sheets throw Tuesday."

A few weeks back, Yahoo!'s Jeff Passan predicited, in an article entitled, "Teams not fighting over free agents", that a one-year/$7 million dollar deal could be enough to land the 31-year-old Milwaukee Brewers' 1999 1st Round pick. Is this something the Nationals should pursue, or should they spend whatever money they have left this offseason on more of a sure thing? 

• Bugs And Cranks Say Rockies Should Be Cranky.

Bugs And author Mark Townsend lists the Washington Nationals as the #2 reason the Colorado Rockies should sign free agent second baseman Orlando Hudson in an article this morning entitled, "8 Good Reasons to Sign Orlando Hudson". Why would the Nationals influence the Rockies' decision?I'll let Mr. Townsend explain:

"Right now it seems the Nationals are the only team making a serious push for Hudson.  I’m assuming Hudson would be super excited if another team would enter the race to make his decision more interesting. I’m also thinking he doesn’t to make until the 11th hour like he did last season signing with the Dodgers. Therefore, a decent offer to Hudson right now might get his attention.

"The Rockies already lost Jason Marquis to Washington… and nobody cared.  They lost the Matt Capps sweepstakes to the Nationals, which I consider slightly embarrassing for Colorado and extremely embarrassing for Capps.  So just to reestablish a pecking order here the Rockies should try to not let the Nats steal another player they could honestly use."

Why is Capps decision to sign in DC extremely embarrassing? I'm not sure...Maybe because he took more money from a team he knows will not compete any time soon? Here's hoping the Nationals steal yet another player out from under the Rockies' nose...After all Nyjer Morgan and The Face of the Franchise are doing everything they can to convince Hudson to join the movement...

That's all...more on Elijah Dukes' long winter later tonight.