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Montreal Expos Day? C'mon Washington Nationals, Make It Happen!!!

'Duk (aka Kevin Kaduk) of Yahoo!'s Big League Stew wrote a feature yesterday entitled, "VintageTube: Les Expos arrive in Montreal, 1969", about a link that @Montreal_Expos (The Montreal Expos official Twitter?) sent out with a video of a special report on the Inaugural 1969 season of the Montreal Expos. I've spent a lot of time since 2005 researching the history of baseball in the nation's capital, so for a change I thought it might be nice to take a look back into the history of the first MLB franchise to play outside the United States...

Expos Day, Washington Nationals, make it happen!! Collin Balester wants it!!! Vivent longtemps Les Expos!!!

In a recent interview, I asked former Expos' draft pick Collin Balester what he thought of the idea of an Expos Day at Nationals Park...his response after the JUMP!!!

Collin Balester Email Interview:

FB: Are you sentimental at all about the Expos since you were a member of their last draft class? I'd like to see the Montreal years represented in DC somehow...What do you think of an Expos Day, where you don the powder blues and the tri-color caps?

Collin Balester: "Yes. I always say that, I like being the last draft class in Expos' history. Makes me feel pretty cool haha, and that would be awesome If we had a couple days of throw back and kinda give some love to Montreal seeing that it is where we all started, I am a big fan of that idea."