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Washington Nationals: Friday Rumors - Josh Willingham, Orlando Cabrera?

• Unabashed Orlando Cabrera Fan Tries To Fight The Obvious...

In an interview with the MLB Network last night, DC GM Mike Rizzo told the Hot Stove hosts that though Washington was interested in free agent second baseman Orlando Hudson, he was, "...not sure if it's a fit...but we've got three or four infielders we're looking at." If you believe the rumors, Adam Kennedy has always been on the Nats' radar, and now, according to's Bill Ladson's Twitterfeed:

"The #Nats have interest in SS Orlando Cabrera. They see him as a possible second baseman if they can't sign O-Dog."

Back in a mid-December update of's Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi's "Buzz: Latest from the MLB offseason", entitled, "Tejada options dwindling", the writers reported that with starting shortstop jobs league-wide quickly disappearing, Orlando Cabrera was, "...talking with two teams about playing second base," for the first time since he played 1 game at second during the 2000 campaign. The 35-year-old two-time Gold Glove winning shortstop had a rough season defensively in 2009, committing 25 errors and posting a .965 FLD%, his lowest since 2002, to go along with a career low (-13.7) UZR/150 (which was the 2nd worst mark in baseball), though he hit .284 with a .316 OBP, .389 SLG, 36 doubles, 3 triples, 9 HR's and 77 RBI's. 

Cabrera's coming off a 1-year/$4 million dollar deal with Oakland.


• Olney on Willingham.


• Olney on Willingham.'s Buster Olney reported in a Twitter message this afternoon that he'd heard, "The Nationals have again put Josh Willingham back out on the market. If they deal him, could clear the way for Dunn to go to OF." The second half of that sentence alone almost had me dismissing this, since Dunn's play in left (and the crowded outfield) forced him to first after Nick Johnson had been dealt to the Marlins last season. It would be easier to dismiss, however, if Washington Post writer Thomas Boswell didn't keep on bringing up the possibility. Willlingham responded to the recurring rumors last week in an article by's Bill Ladson entitled, "Willingham not bothered by trade rumors", where the 30-year-old left fielder was asked if he knew about any trade talk and responded: 

"'I understand it's part of the business. When you talk about a trade, you realize both parties are trying to upgrade their team. If they are going to upgrade their teams, then that will happen.'"

The Nationals have to sign an outfielder if they do actually trade Hammer, right? It can't be Dunn back in left, even if he still thinks he's an outfielder...

?'s For The DC Faithful:

• Is DC GM Mike Rizzo trying to force Orlando Hudson's hand by exploring other possibilities?

• Does Orlando Cabrera, who helped the Twins into the playoffs last season, help Washington's infield?

• Does Orlando Cabrera seem like a Mike Rizzo-type of defender? 

• Do the recurring Willingham rumors make you think something's actually going on there?

• Dunn in the OF? No thanks...Sorry for answering my own question.

• Who would trade for the Hammer? NY Mets? Seattle Mariners? Braves? Giants

• Could you just sign already Orlando Hudson?