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Washington Nationals: Orlando Hudson Close To Signing, But Where?

• I'm still not sure how to interpret the new coded language baseball writers are using to discuss rumors on Twitter, and how to distinguish that language from what I read on their blogs and in their print or online columns and articles, whether "I heard" should be taken more seriously than "a source with knowledge of negotiations" or whether "my impression" of events means I've spoken directly to someone but can't divulge my source, so I'm not sure what to make of's Jon Heyman's Tweet from Monday which read:

" impression is orlando hudson is deciding between 2 teams, the #nationals and 1 other..."'s Bill Ladson quoted a "baseball source" yesterday, in an article entitled, "Nationals remain in mix for Hudson", who stated that, "The Nationals have a good chance of signing free-agent second baseman Orlando Hudson," who was quoted in the article himself saying, "'There is good progress going on every day...I will sign soon enough." Hudson continued:

"You can put it on the Internet and on TV. I'm going to sign. I can't say exactly when. It will not be long. I can't say if it's with the Nationals, San Diego or Cleveland. I can't say with whom. Something is getting done."'s Jon Paul Morosi reports that the 32-year-old infielder has to decide between the Nationals, Rays and Twins this morning in an update of's Buzz: Latest from the MLB Offseason", entitled, "Hudson talks remain fluid", where Mr. Morosi writes about the choice Hudson faces: 

"Take a strong financial offer from the Nationals. Take perhaps a lesser contract from the Rays. Or take a deal from another club that might put him near the Nats financially and the Rays competitively — if such an opportunity exists."

Will Orlando Hudson sign with Washington? Will the move push Cristian Guzman back to short? Or will it be Guzman at second and the "People's Choice" Ian Desmond at short? Desmond and Hudson? Who said that?...

• The last time there were similar reports involving the Nationals and a free agent it was Matt Capps, who said he'd narrowed his choices down to Chicago and the nation's capital, eventually deciding on DC in part because his former Pirates teammates Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett had reached out to the reliever personally and through the media. 

So, I figured I'd do my part to convince Orlando Hudson to sign with Washington by collecting all the quotes from those Nationals who've seen fit to let it be known that the O-Dog would be welcome in Nationals Park:

• Nyjer Morgan on Nyjer Morgan and Orlando Hudson:

"'Oh, my god. That would be a nasty dynamic duo..."

"'(Hudson's) veteran leadership is amazing. He comes to the ballpark ready to work hard every day. He is basically what every team wants and needs. He is a Gold Glove second baseman. He will help us out in the National League East. If this happens, we are going to be something. You are going to see a different Nats team in 2010.'"  - Nyjer Morgan in's Bill Ladson's article entitled, "Morgan wants Hudson to join Nats".

•'s Bill Ladson via Twitter:

"Oh, yes. #Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman wants Orlando Hudson on the team as well."

Nationals' right-hander Collin Balester in an email interview here at Federal

"FB: Do you want to join the chorus of voices calling forOrlando Hudson to sign in DC? How would you sell Washington to any free agents who asked about playing for the Nationals?

"Collin Balester: 'Yeah, I mean to have a chance to get a player like the O-Dog would be awesome, I mean he is a sick player and he would fit in our clubhouse real easy, he's a good guy, funny, loose and easy to get along with. I wouldn't have to tell him or sell the Nationals too much. Players see how we play and they know that we are very close to turning this around, and I'm sure that he would love to be a part of it when we do turn it around.'"

• "Go ahead, Hudson, sign with Washington. Do it already..." - Ed Chigliak