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Andre Dawson To Wear Montreal Expos Cap In Hall of Fame.

According to a report by Chicago Tribune writer Jeff Mitchell in an article entitled, "Andre Dawson to enter Hall of Fame as Expo", former Expos, Cubs, Red Sox and Marlins' outfielder Andre Dawson will be going into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a member of the Montreal Expos. The 21-year veteran who spent 11 seasons in Montreal will join Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter as the only two Expos elected to the Hall in spite of the fact that Dawson reportedly told the same Chicago Tribune writer after the announcement of his induction that he, "...would prefer to go in as a Cub."

In an early January article by Chicago Tribune writer Paul Sullivan entitled, "Dawson awaiting decision of Hall of Fame cap...", Dawson was quoted as stating that he, "...knew 'in (his) heart of hearts' which cap he would like to be wearing, but declined to identify the team." 

Dawson, along with Tim Raines, Larry Walker and one day when he hangs them up Vladimir Guerrero are probably the last four players who could possibly enter the Hall as Expos. New York Times' writer Tyler Kepner, in an article entitled, "Montreal Expos, Forgotten by Many, Are Reuniting in Cooperstown", quoted Dawson's Montreal teammate from 1976-1984, Gary "The Kid" Carter saying, "...he hoped Dawson would go in as a Cub so an existing organization could celebrate his career. If that happens, Carter is prepared to carry the (Expos) banner alone." It won't be necessary for Carter to go it alone, however, as Dawson is now a member of the Montreal Expos for posterity.

Dawson played 21 seasons total in the Majors, (11 in Montreal, 6 in Chicago, 2 in Boston and 2 in Florida) collecting a total of 2,774 hits, 503 doubles, 98 triples, 438 HR's, 1,591 RBI's, 314 steals, a .279 CBA, one Rookie of the Year award, (ROY-1977), 8 All-Star appearances, one NL MVP award, (NL MVP- 1987), and he appeared on nine Hall of Fame ballots before finally winning election to the Hall this year.