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Washington Nationals Owner Mark Lerner Talks To The Faithful...

Washington Nationals owner Mark Lerner is going to be taking your questions today at 1:00 pm EST in a live online chat to be held at the Nationals' official site. Mr. Lerner talked to's Bill Ladson yesterday for an email interview entitled, "Q&A: Lerner excited for 2010 season", encouraging fans about the moves the Nationals made this winter on the field and in the front office and telling Mr. Ladson:

"This year, I feel, and I think our fans feel, that every game will be more competitive, that every game will have its own excitement, and that we will soon be exactly what baseball fans hoped for when the game returned to the nation's capital."

In their sixth season in DC, will the Nationals finally be "what baseball fans hoped for" when they take the field in April? Here's your chance to tell Mr. Lerner what you think about what the Nationals have done so far this Winter and what you think Washington still needs to do before they can actually become competitive in the NL East?