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Washington Nationals:'s Jonathan Mayo On Stephen Strasburg.'s Jonathan Mayo was on the MLB Network last night to unveil the list of the Top 50 Prospects in Baseball, which had the Washington Nationals' '09 No. 1 overall pick Stephen Strasburg ranked second behind only Atlanta Braves' outfielder Jason Heyward. Mr. Mayo was on Sirius/XM's Inside Pitch this afternoon with Casey Stern and Kevin Kennedy to talk about the prospects on the list, and he had this to say about Strasburg's future in DC:'s Jonathan Mayo: "I think in the end it's going to be dependent on how he pitches, and I'm gonna guess that he's going to pitch his way to Washington at some point this year. I think the Nationals are not going to rush him, but they're also not going to get in his way. I can see a scenario where he maybe starts the year in Potomac, in High-A, Carolina League, give him three or four starts there, let him dominate, move him up to Double-A, same scenario. So, we're talking about a guy who's in Triple-A by June, and then let's see, by the All-Star break, if he's really just dominating Triple-A hitters, then you can say, 'Alright, well you know what, he's pitched his way to the big leagues.' So I think the big mistake would be if they rushed him because it would be kind of the good PR move, and I have a sense that they're well aware of that, and will let him take his time...and, listen, there's nothing horrible if he gets some bumps along the way and ends up spending a full year in the minors, and then hits the rotation Opening Day next year. I know there will be call for him, that being said, you'll see him in September at the absolute latest."

• ?'s For The DC Faithful:  Did you assume Strasburg would be a part of the 2010 rotation from the start of the season? Would you rather see Strasburg work his way up to Washington? If Strasburg's head and shoulders above the other pitchers in Spring Training with the Nats, should they let him start the season in DC? Did you just call to buy season tickets at Potomac? Go P-Nats Go!!!