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Washington Nationals: Adam Dunn Talking Extension?

The Big Donkey. The Big Dunn-K. The Bigger Wilkerson or Big Wilkie for short, Adam Dunn, the Washington Nationals' first baseman, HR hitter, and resident big middle of the order bat, who is set to play out the second of a two-year deal he signed last winter, is apparently talking extension to keep him in DC beyond this season.'s Ben Goessling sent a message out via twitter which read, "Rizzo says Dunn 'is a guy that fits for us long-term.' Stopped just short of saying extension is being discussed."'s Bill Ladson went so far as to say, via his own Twitter feed, that, "1B Adam Dunn and the #Nats are taking about a contract extension." The 30-year-old, 6'6'', 240lb left-handed-hitting long ball specialist with a knack for the kind of long distance drives that put fans in seats and make old time fans whisper, "Hondo", played what could kindly be called "atrocious" defense last season, while hitting .267/.398/.529 with 29 doubles, 38 HR's and 105 RBI's, quickly becoming a fan favorite (and a stat-based-fan's worst nightmare) and just maybe charming his way from a 2-year/$20 M dollar deal to an extension. Oh, and apparently Dunn's got scoops too, as he told's Ben Goessling at today's Nationals Caravan event, that the Nats, "...are Orlando Hudson's top choice," just a few minutes after DC GM Mike Rizzo confirmed the team's interest in Hudson and was quoted by Mr. Goessling as saying, "'I think we're close to (getting a middle infielder).'" 

Is committing more money to Adam Dunn a good idea? Is he ready to be put on permanent DH status in the AL? Is he more valuable than the picks he'd bring or the prospects that could be had in return should they trade him? The Nats Caravan's got scoops...